The Flash (S02E22) “Invincible”

Okay this episode was an improvement, a very big improvement! I don’t know if it was the apocalypse or meta-apocalypse that was revealed rampaging through the streets or if it was Barry having his powers back; but this episode was great!

In the episode: We have Barry feeling optimistic about the entire meta-apocalypse that is happening in the streets of Central City on Earth-1; but everyone else is having doubts about Barry’s optimism about the whole situation dealing with Zoom and the Earth-2 meta’s. Meanwhile Cisco starts having a vibe about a dead bird (I know right weird, but I thought that it might’ve been a sign about Black Canary’s doubleganger coming to their earth but more on this subject later) When one of the meta’s from Earth-2 steals an innocent civilian’s purse, Wally chooses to stop the meta with chasing him down to get the purse back, but unfortunately Joe had to save Wally from the meta’s attack. Joe asks Barry for the Flash to politely talk to Wally about stopping his little crusade of helping people and saving lives. But before the Flash can talk with Wally, the Flash saves Dr. McGee from an attack on Mercury Labs where Dr. McGee reveals that she knows The Flash’s secret identity (who didn’t see that coming). Barry/The Flash then talks with Wally about stopping saving people but before they can finish their conversation Barry is driven away by another attack on another building revealing that its Laurel Lance’s doubleganger The Black Siren; but The Flash didn’t know why they were calling her The Black Siren until she unleashes those vocals, but Wally saves The Flash from the incident. Team Flash then creates a device to knock out all Earth-2 villains who are on Earth-1 including Dr. Wells and Jessie; when Barry starts running to activate the device Jessie’s headphones malfunction and force Dr. Wells to give up his set to help Jessie from being knocked out. In the end, Team Flash including Dr. McGee and Henry Allen and Wally West, only to find out that Cisco has vibing about the future of Earth-2 where everything of that world splits in half in total destruction. When the family makes a toast, Zoom comes to take Henry; when Barry follows Zoom to the old Allen house, Zoom wants to make both him and Barry alike with Barry watching his father die in front of his eyes.

This episode was very awesome! And like I said it was an improvement, but I have to admit that my eyes did water up when it came to Barry’s dad’s death I mean come on the poor guy watched his mother get killed in front of him when he was 11yrs old and now with him being an adult he had to watch his own father die in front of him 15yrs later from his mothers death its like horrible man! Makes you feel bad for Barry all over again! I wonder if Oliver will come to Barry’s dads funeral guess we will see.

The Flash comes on Tuesdays!

Next Episode: The Flash (s2e23) The Race of His Life (The Season Finale) airs May 24,2016