Blindspot (S1E22): “If Love a Rebel, Death will Render” 


No time is lost when this week’s Blindspot episode “If love a Rebel, Death will Render” kicks off. Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Oscar (Francois Arnaud) are in a heated confrontation after she’s found out the lengths to which he – and inadvertently her – have gone to, to frame Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). She’s understandably hurt, most certainly she feels betrayed and she is through listening to Oscar. Ensuring Jane it is what Mayfair deserves, doesn’t even work, but when Sophia exits from the shadows everything seems to converge. We learn through flashbacks/memories, that Jane and her team were the ones that saved Sophia’s life. They were the ones who offered her a second chance. What the? Talk about twists. And not to mention, this is only Phase One. 

Two weeks later, the biggest time jump we’ve seen this season, we see a male nurse running through the city with a duffle bag. He inconspicuously places it underneath a bench and walks off. Unfortunately, what’s inside doesn’t remain quiet; baby cries sound, and a nearby janitor uncovers a newborn baby inside. Elsewhere, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is seen bedside, dressed in his best suit as his Dad lies bed-ridden. Jane arrives, to say hello, and eventually ends up keeping watch while Weller needs to head to work. At headquarters, Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) are talking about Mayfair – she’s getting out of jail today – with their conversation coming to a close when both agree to coming clean to the other. About everything. 

Weller arrives to visit Mayfair, who is now on house arrest as the entire case is bad for optics. Admitting she cheated the system, she encourages Kurt not to go anywhere near Daylight. Hearing the warning, Weller ensures that they are not giving up and neither should Mayfair. We check back in with Reade and Zapata who are in the midst of an in depth explanation of all things they know. With all the information now uncovered, the two start to talk theories, one in particular that involves a group of people infiltrating the FBI not just one individual. Yet, this week one individual is all it takes for headquarters routine to become disrupted. The individual responsible? Director Pellington. And his first point of business is to shut down the Jane Doe investigation. Weller hears the order, but does he follow it? 

Meanwhile, Mayfair is doing her best to stay occupied and her mail is doing just that. A large yellow envelope is been found to contain copies of that photo she needed help clearing up. Remember the Denmark photo guy? He came through. And the pictures are so clear the unidentifiable male is now clear as day. Oh hi there Oscar. Back with the team, it is obvious they are all concerned about Mayfair but this week’s case needs their attention more. The baby found under the bench is actually connected to Jane – they both share the same barcode tattoo. Working their magic, they track down the nurse who dumped the baby, one Edward Donella, at a park downtown. They successfully corner him, but before they can begin to question him shots are fired. From where, who knows. He’s dead. And so is that lead. However, Mayfair seems to be having more luck on her end when she puts it all together and works out that the bald guy from the bar with Alexandra is a lead. She successfully unlocks her ankle bracelet and breaks house arrest. Talk about stealth.  

Meanwhile, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) has received the DNA results back revealing that the father of the abandoned baby is Bryce Warren, son of Peter Warren a former presidential contender. With this new information, the team visit Bryce and his wife at home to question them about the baby. Weirdly, they don’t have a baby, never have. They do have a son however, who sadly is dying from cancer. This is one deep conspiracy. Somewhere else in the city, Bethany has tracked down the guy from the bar, and holding him at gunpoint interrogates him for information regarding Alexandra. What she discovers, is not much, but enough to spark a memory that leads her to cigarette store Sophia used to frequent. Oh Mayfair, you’re a force. Back at headquarters, word of the teams case has got back to Pellington who is not happy about Weller disobeying his orders. The team attempts to resolve the situation, but Pellington is strong in his stance. He kicks Jane out of the building, literally. And she’s not too happy. Jaimie Alexander does agitated beautifully and is somewhat haunting when expresses, “what if I need to be there?” Weller assures her it’s only temporary. 

As Jane leaves, Tracey Warren, the mother of the abandoned baby shows up. She explains that the only way to cure her son, is with a bone marrow transplant. And the baby, is a genetic match. What we go in to discover is that this company, specializes in the development of genetically coded organic material. Simply put, they are harvesting eggs and sperm and making babies. She has the address of the company but stalls when giving it over; Weller continues to encourage her to do the right thing. The parallels between her story and his are confronting in their similarity; Weller of all people knows what it’s like to have no hope. 

Not being able to let the case go, we catch up with Jane as she is hiding behind a pole in the lobby of child protective services. When she spies what look like undercover special agents (bad ones) she makes a move. She tries her hardest to stop them but fails, as the female operative is seen running from the building with the Warren baby. Checking back in with our fugitive, Mayfair, she’s been able to get a number for a woman matching the description of Sophia. With no other tools in her chest, she calls Reade and asks for a favour. He knows what’s going on, regardless though, he trusts her. Zapata catches the end of the conversation and expresses concern about it. Reade reminds her that the only way we can help her, is by doing this. We later find out, it may have been a bit more personal for Tasha; that she may feel jealous that Mayfair called Reade and not her. Eventually, Mrs. Warren relents and gives Weller the address to where the baby is most probably being held. 

Before the team is dispatched to the location, Zapata gets in contact with Mayfair to give her the address. Audrey’s work with Zapata’s evolution this season has been gripping, her arc has been one of the most interesting to watch play out. Her vulnerability starts to show when she assures Mayfair that she can trust her and urges her not to give up on her. She hasn’t. I have to say the chemistry and dynamic between these two women is outstanding. 

Jane and her detective skills have certainly come a long way since she is the first on the scene; she’s taken an operative hostage, and has been lead to the facility by him. I have to say, my favourite Jane is a toss up between Jaimie Alexander doing kick-ass special agent and vulnerable and lost. This time, she swiftly enters the building to witness Peter Warren debriefing one of his agents, making sure their security measures are in place. Too late buddy Jane is already here and she isn’t leaving without justice. In a blaze of bullets, Jane spear tackles the female agent and what ensues is probably the most high-action one on one fight scene we’ve seen this season. It’s bad-ass, pure and simple. But unfortunately, to win, Jane shocks her attacker with a defibrillator machine that causes both of them to pass out. But thankfully Weller’s timing is perfect, as he rushes in, performs CPR and revives Jane (note the look). 

With the successful closure of yet another case, Weller and Director Pellington have one last run in before he leaves. Standing up for the Jane Doe investigation, reiterating how much justice has been served since following the tattoos is still not enough to convince Pellington to back off. In fact, he gives Kurt an ultimatum – become permanent director, and stop the Jane Doe project or leave the FBI altogether. Later, in the locker room, after having handed her badge in and signing non-disclosure agreements Jane and Weller share a sweet moment. Assuring Jane that none of this is her fault, going as far to admit that she never was just a case, the tension that’s been building for weeks overflows. Weller kisses Jane; passionately and finally! It’s sweet, it’s tender, and there is a happiness between them if only for a moment. Unfortunately, Kurt receives a call from the home nurse saying that it’s time, to get home quickly.  

 Jane leaves headquarters without saying goodbye, and is next seen impatiently waiting for Oscar. When the door opens and she thinks it’s him, she’s shocked to see who it really is. Mayfair. Yes that’s right, Mayfair has found the safe house. And you can hear the audience gasp. Jane is speechless, frantic and concerned. Not knowing how Mayfair worked it out, Jane has no leg to stand on. Mayfair has her gun drawn, never letting it fall from Jane’s body. Marianne Jean-Baptiste is cutting in this scene, she gives Bethany an anger and disgust so visceral Jaimie Alexander matches it with Jane’s regret and remorse. Ensuring Bethany she didn’t know, she had no idea, falls on deaf ears. And in swift moment, gun fire sounds. Bethany stops, and falls, the camera revealing a gun-wielding Oscar behind. Um, NO. Just, NO. I for one have always suspect Oscar, never trusted his intentions and this moment is as heartbreaking as ever. As Mayfair lays on the ground, bloodied and dying, Jane ushers Oscar out while she stays with Mayfair. Jaimie and Marianne are nothing short of gut-wrenching in this scene, heart break from both over the discovery of such dishonesty. Trying to explain she didn’t know, she didn’t, Jane continues to search for forgiveness. But it’s too late, Mayfair wishes she could be there to see a Weller figure all this out, she dies. Elsewhere, Weller’s father passes away also but not before dropping another truth bomb. He’s rambling. But it somehow makes sense. He reveals that he did in fact kill Taylor Shaw, that it was an accident, and the body.. It’s under the fort that she used to love. 
Talk about penultimate episode.. Bravo Martin Gero and team, Bravo!