Chicago PD (S3E22): “She’s Got Us”



After all the hype, I’m slightly disappointed with last night’s episode. I was really hoping Polly was going to turn out to be the killer, which would have been so morbid and crazy. Because that wasn’t the case, I still think Polly’s character was interesting and well developed. The young actress did a wonderful job with her emotional character. 

I enjoyed the cross over with Chicago Med. It felt more fleshed out than usual. And the same goes for how natural both Erin and Jay and Roman and Burgess’s relationships were. And that small cliff hanger? I personally don’t think either of them will move. And if they do, the balance of Chicago PD will forever be messed up. But they won’t. Roman will be convinced that he can’t just run away from news he doesn’t want to hear.

All in all, this episode wasn’t actually that different from the other’s, unlike NBC’s promotion. It wasn’t bad. But, it wasn’t extraordinary either.