Containment: (S01E05) “Like A Sheep Among The Wolves”


The year has been especially ruthless with the show cancellations, but the one that hurts the most (even more than Agent Carter) is Containment.

While the show is young, it managed to do a lot with very few episodes. With the finale 9 episodes away, we finally get to meet the show’s big bad. The role of Trey, portrayed by Mykel Shannon Jenkins, offers a sinister threat beyond the virus but one that comes from a very human and arguably relatable place that makes him a wild card. I’ll watch just for him!

It’s ironic that this villainous entrepreneur is first seen making threats to Xander and Teresa, two teenagers trying to build their own better future but for their child. It will be interesting to see how the struggle between Xander and Trey boils, and how Chris Wood’s Jake plays a part. The relationship between Xander and Teresa is the series’ heart, and the flash forward shows that heart will soon be ripped apart.

Away from all the danger facing the show’s soul, there is Jana and Lex struggling to reunite as she remains on the inside of the quarantine and him on the outside. It’s heartbreaking to think that Lex will no longer be the man who Jana loved after everything he had to do.

Back in city hall, corruption was foaming up to the brim thanks to one Sabine Lommers. Sabine’s devious influence spread to another city official as Chief Besser has men inside of the quarantine now. All the way back in the series’ pilot, Lex had trouble keeping his underlings in check with so few resources and that came to a head when he had to leave one of his men in quarantine.

It was inevitable considering the miniscule support the police was given by Sabine Lommers but still tragic. I found myself satisfied by this twist of faith because it didn’t feel forced at all, and adds even more hardships to Lex’s quest of being an honest cop and maintain order during these hectic times.

The heroes (Jana, Xander, Lex, Jake and Teresa) all feel open to attack from the virus, and outside threats from criminals and people they thought trustworthy. Ever since the show previewed a future where civilization breaks down in the cordon, I have been wondering how it gets that way and now the possibilities have grown exponentially making it more dangerous. The season, and series, is rocketing to a finish that is unpredictable!