Stitchers: (S02E09) “The Guest”

One of the best episodes so far, the way they managed to integrate the problem and solving part into the narration of the new character the sister made it really awesome.

The problem and solving not being very important, but rather the main part of the episode was the introduction of the sister Ivy who partnered up with her to solve the case. Furthermore they managed to bond over coffee to share secrets then solve a case together.

For a moment I thought there would be a catch or maybe the sister will be playing her as the show has always had these unexpected shocking revelations. 

What turned into a great partnership and hopefully she also joins NSA. 

The promo teases Kamsten next week but we saw Nina wanting to be the one for Cameron but all hopes rose when Kirsten said ‘I Was.’ 

Linux now stronger than ever with Camille is still having to deal with his father’s sudden health issue and he gets operated. They even managed to make the joke of ‘Gulab Jamun’ an Indian/Pakistani dessert. 

The shocking ending came on when Liam decided to tell Kirsten everything, and as expected he got eliminated.

By now we all know that the common denominator is Kirsten to all the deaths. So how far will things go? 

Only one week to wait for the finale.