The Middle (S07E24) “The Show Must Go On”

Review: Brick is graduating Jr. High and because he didn’t become valedictorian, he wants to do something else at the ceremony (that Frankie and Mike almost forgot, of course) so that he’ll have his moment in the sun. He’s planning on singing a song, but too many kids signed up to do something during the ceremony, and Brick is one of the kids that didn’t get picked. Mike goes over to the school to ask why not everybody can perform, but doesn’t really ask the right questions, so Frankie sends an email and the school decides that none of the kids can perform now. When Brick tells the principal that he only wanted to do the talent show for his mom, instead of for himself they decide that the kids who were originally picked to perform can still perform and the other kids can’t. Frankie gets really pissed off and barges into the principal’s office to see what’s up and convinces the principal to let all kids perform at the ceremony. It was great to see Frankie stand up for Brick for once. After a year of neglecting and a life of forgetting him, she finally helps him get his moment in the sun.

Sue is preparing for Dollywood, but finds out that she will have her first day on the day of Brick’s graduation. She tries to convince Brick that she doesn’t have to be at the ceremony, but Frankie tells her that she has to, even with the risk of getting fired. Luckily, Brad is there to help out and calls Dollywood to tell them that Sue won’t be at orientation.

Axl gets a job at the Orson Heights Country Club as a counselor and wants to give the kids a great summer, but the kids are very obnoxious. Especially one kid, Colton, who acts the exact same way Axl did when he was younger. Axl tells him that it might seem cool now to act like you don’t care, but that you later realize that you missed out on a lot of fun. This realization of Axl makes him sound so grown up, and he even convinces Colton to participate in the activities.

The day of graduation is finally there and with so many students performing, the ceremony takes forever. Sue is stressed out because she has to leave to go to Dollywood soon. Then it’s finally time for Brick’s song, in duet with Troy. And while Frankie is not sure if Brick can actually sing, she is pleasantly surprised by their performance.

Then it’s time for Sue to leave for Dollywood, Mike is taking her and when Frankie says goodbye to Sue, Brick tells his mom that she should just go to drop Sue off as well. Brick decides that he wouldn’t mind checking out the bookstores at Dollywood, so comes along too. And now that Axl’s realized that he has already missed out on enough fun things, he agrees to come with them as well, so the whole Heck family goes to Dollywood to drop off Sue.

And as we can see in flash forwards, the summer is great for every Heck: Sue is having fun at Dollywood, Brick is invited to a party, Mike and Frankie are relaxing in front of the TV (where else) and Axl meets the love of his life at his job. So there is plenty to look forward to in season 8!

Season finales of The Middle have always been fantastic and this was no exception. The writers and cast delivered, as always, with three great storylines that capture what this whole season has been about: the Heck kids are growing up. Nothing says growing up more than a graduation and Sue’s and Axl’s storylines also show how much they have both grown this season. This episode had a lot of heart and was hilarious too. My favorite thing was seeing the flashbacks about Brick. It was cute seeing all the moments of when he was so small and it was hilarious that the montages were constantly interrupted.

What an amazing season this was. I can’t believe that the show has still so much quality after 7 seasons and that the writers are constantly coming up with new storylines. One of the things I love most about The Middle is that it’s so consistent, with great continuity and callbacks to earlier episodes. Congrats to the cast and crew of The Middle on a fantastic 7th season and I am really looking forward to season 8! Thank you for reading my reviews all season and I hope to see you back here in the fall!

Rating: 10/10 (well-deserved for a fantastic season finale)

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