The Blacklist: (S03E23) “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (2)” [Season Finale]

Everyone has this feeling that Lizzie was alive, but no one was able to guess how as even Red was filled with despair. 

But the writers still managed to to blow out our minds. The episode was all about killing Alexander Kirk, who finally decided to show up after Red somehow managed to get his truck swapped by taking very long to order and making a huge order.

Next time someone you hate is next in line, do what Red did but make sure you have the cash for it. 😂

You have to give it to Kate who managed to trick everyone including us, especially us into believing that Lizzie is dead. But her intentions didn’t go with how the world works and Kirk managed to capture Liz, Agnes & Keane.

Finally with our minds already processing they throw over the whole part, Kirk is the father of Lizzie. 

You have until September to let your imagination run wild.