The Odd Couple: (S02E10) “Odd Man Out”


Oscar is playing a video game. Felix and Emily enter. Felix asks if Oscar has moved any part of his body other than his thumbs for the last few hours. Oscar says that’s a personal question. Felix says he has to go downstairs and clean the windows as no one else has. This leaves Emily alone with Oscar. She sits down next to him and says she really doesn’t get video games. He is playing a game where he is killing aliens. She asks why? He says you just do. Then he dies and thanks Emily for making him die. Oscar is eating something and Emily asks if that is her crème brule. He says I have no idea it just had Emily on it. Felix comes back. Emily complains that Matthew ate her crème brule. Oscar says it was in his refrigerator in his apartment. He also ate her pasta. Felix admits he wants Oscar and Emily to be friends because they are the two most important people to him. Felix says I want you and Emily to have our dinner reservations for tonight so you two can get to know each other and become friends. Oscar is not thrilled.

Later Emily comes in and talks to Dani about the upcoming evening. Dani says Emily is here for her date with Oscar. Teddy comes in and says oh dating both roommates. Dani asks Teddy to look over a contract. Dani has been asked to be in a commercial. Teddy says he will handle it. Felix and Oscar come out and Felix is fussing over Oscar’s appearance. He wants to take a picture too. Both Emily and Oscar look miserable.

Emily and Oscar are sitting at dinner looking miserable and not talking to each other. Oscar grabs a waiter to order. They both order things that are prepared quickly. The waiter says no, Felix ordered a tasting menu for them. It is several courses.

Then Oscar and Emily bond over talking about hamburgers at Duffy’s. For some reason Emily eats burgers before she goes out to eat with Felix. The first course is delivered and it does not appeal to either Oscar or Emily so they go out for burgers instead. They arrive back at the apartment both smiling. Felix says tell me everything my best friend did with my girlfriend. Felix asks which was their favorite course. Oscar makes something up then quickly confesses they went to go get burgers. Then Felix gets suspicious as to why they are home so late. Emily talks about them walking through China Town and playing tic tac toe with chickens and that the chicken is smarter than you think. Felix mentions the bird flu. Emily and Oscar exchange money as they had made a bet as to how long it would take Felix to mention the bird flu. Then they say they’re still hungry and go to the kitchen to get ice cream but they know they have to check the expiration date and Felix admits he does say that.

Felix comes in to the apartment and Emily and Oscar are playing video games and Emily says they are fun while she always thought they were stupid. Felix says something about them getting carpal tunnel. Felix is now upset as it seems that Oscar and Emily are spending a lot of time together and he feels left out. Dani says they are just enjoying their new friendship. Felix leaves the apartment. Oscar is on a winning streak. They decide they should go win Oscar’s money back from the chicken. They discuss whether they should invite Felix but they say no because he would not enjoy it and they are sparing his feelings while not telling him they are excluding him.

Teddy comes by to talk to Dani. She is anxious to hear about her contract. Teddy says he hasn’t called yet as it isn’t good to sound too anxious. Teddy agrees to call about it right now. He gets the guy on the phone and says he needs to get the numbers up. He asks for double with bumps and he hangs up. Teddy says the guy will call back and give him everything he asked for. He waits for the phone to ring but it doesn’t. Dani gets upset and yells son of a bitch.

Felix must have done Oscar’s laundry. He finds chicken feed in Oscar’s dungarees. Felix asks if Oscar and Emily went to play chicken tic tac toe. Oscar says no that is his new snack for more fiber. Felix says why don’t you eat some right now. Oscar eats some and makes a terrible face. Emily comes in and spills the beans that they did go play chicken tic tac toe. Felix lets them know how upset he is. He goes to his bedroom. Emily follows him and says you wanted us to be friends. Felix says you two are better friends than you are with me. Emily says they were just going to be spontaneous so Felix says and does some spontaneous things. Emily suggests makeup sex and Felix is not interested. He ignores her.

Dani comes in asking Teddy if there are any new developments in her contract. Teddy says he hasn’t called him back yet and may never call back. Teddy says that is how it works in this business. Dani then asks Teddy for the $800 she would have earned.

Then Emily comes in and Felix comes out wearing messy clothes, eating junk food, drinking, and looking terrible. Felix says you wanted me to be more like Oscar so he is just giving them what they wanted. Felix is smoking a cigar and he falls down and he thinks he might have broken his wrist.

Oscar and Emily are sitting in the hospital waiting room and Emily asks what Felix will do as he needs his wrist to play his cello, his calligraphy, and other stuff. Emily blames Oscar. The nurse comes out and says it is just a sprain. Oscar asks when they can take him home. The nurse says you can take him home now. He was back there giving a patient a second opinion. Oscar tells Emily that he is glad she and Felix found each other as they are both weird. Oscar makes a joke about getting Felix out of there before he gets Ebola. Sure enough, Felix comes out with a sling and giving last minute instructions to another patient. Felix says he figured out why he wanted Emily to like Oscar. It was because his first wife didn’t like Oscar and he didn’t want to feel forced to choose like last time. Then, sure enough, Felix says let’s get out of here before I get Ebola and Oscar and Emily exchange money. LOL!

Teddy comes in and Dani says I am not talking to you. Teddy says you don’t have to talk to me. You just have to sign this contract. Teddy says Dani has everything he promised her in the contract. Dani says let me go take down some funny tweets about your mom. LOL! Then Teddy says Oscar has to fulfill a contract as that was the only way he could get good terms for Dani. That is the end.

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