The Odd Couple: (S02E11) “Road Scholar”


The episode opens with a police officer calling in an event. Oscar and Felix are in the back seat of the cop car. The police officer asks how they got to where they are now. Felix starts talking and then all of a sudden it flashes back to two weeks ago where Emily and Felix are in a car. Emily is driving. Felix asks Emily if she thinks it is weird that he doesn’t have a driver’s license. She says no. Emily says driving in NYC calms her down. Emily yells at the car next to her saying nice uniform. Felix says thank you for your service. Do you suppose she was yelling at a cop car?

Felix is ready to get his driver’s license so Felix and Oscar are at the DMV. Felix is telling a story that he would not continue to remain a passenger to a DMV employee who doesn’t want to hear it. Oscar comes in asking if it will take long as he is parked at a red zone. Felix says you parked at a red zone at the DMV? Oscar says they will never look here. Felix talks about how you need only 70% to pass but if he gets less than 95% he will count it a personal failure. Then the employee Felix was talking to says the person parked in the red zone is about to get towed.

Felix and Oscar enter the apartment and Felix announces that he has a learner’s permit and earned 102% because he wrote an essay. Now Felix needs 50 hours of driving with a licensed driver. Felix is confident in his ability to learn to drive. He asks Teddy if he will drive with him. Teddy is happy to do it as long as he gets away from his family. Felix explains he doesn’t want Oscar as he doesn’t follow the rules.

Felix is over by Teddy’s car blessing the car. Teddy is wearing noise canceling headphones and cracks open a drink and plans to watch Lost on his laptop. Felix places hand sanitizer on the steering wheel. Felix is doing checks on all the mirrors and signaling into traffic and says the open road beckons. A motorcycle speeds by and Felix freaks out and asks where he came from. Teddy says Puerto Rico. LOL! Felix comes back into the apartment and Oscar says that was quick. Felix says it was an unmitigated disaster. Teddy is still talking to the TV show on his laptop. Then Felix asks Murph to teach him how to drive. Murph says he calls shotgun. LOL! Dani says poor Oscar. She knows he feels left out. Meanwhile Oscar is playing a driving game. LOL!

They are in Murph’s car. Felix takes off and Murph says stop but he is just trying to pick up a babe. Felix says I can’t have you do that. Murph picks up the girl and they are kissing in the back seat while Felix is driving. The girl tells Murph it’s so great he is teaching his dad how to drive. Felix is approaching a yellow light and he is panicking wondering what to do. Murph is too distracted to help Felix. Felix comes back in and asks where Dani is.

So now Dani is coaching Felix as he is driving. She tells him he is a natural. Felix runs over a bunch of pigeons. Dani is praying. Dani and Felix enter the apartment. Dani thanks the Lord for delivering them from death. Dani tells Oscar she is clocking out for the day. She has to go to a soup kitchen as she made a lot of promises in the car. Then Felix says he quits. He says he failed and his dreams of being a driver are no more. Felix says it is too crazy out there and he is not built for that chaos in the world.

Then Oscar asks Felix if he wants to go to this Sri Lankan restaurant that is a long ways away. After dinner, Oscar is drunk and can’t drive so now Felix has to drive but he says he can’t. Felix says this is the most irresponsible thing Oscar has ever done. Oscar tells Felix he can do this. Next scene, they are in the car and Felix is screaming while driving. Oscar tells Felix to stop screaming. Felix tells Oscar drinking too much was irresponsible. Oscar says let’s listen to music. It will calm you down. Listening to jazz helps Felix relax. Felix starts feeling very proud of himself. Felix says you aren’t drunk, are you? Oscar says no. Those were virgin drinks. Meanwhile the car is steaming from the engine. Felix asks what to do. Oscar says to pull over but go easy, the brakes are bad.

After they pull over Oscar says there seems to be some smoke coming from the vehicle. Felix tells Oscar he no longer likes him. Oscar says you drove us to safety. Oscar says you want to do a high five, don’t you? They do a high five. Meanwhile, the car rolls away. Oscar asks Felix if he put the car in park. Oops.

This brings us back to Oscar and Felix in the back of the police car. The cop tells them to get out and that the tow truck should be there any minute. Felix apologizes for his car. Felix also apologizes for not asking Oscar first to teach him to drive. Felix says clearly Oscar was the best choice. Teddy wanders up and asks if they are looking for a ride. That is pretty much the end of the episode.

Stay tuned for two more episodes on Monday May 23rd on CBS. They will be the final two episodes of the season. The Odd Couple has been renewed for a season three. I do not have the start date yet for season three.