The Originals: (S03E22) “The Bloody Clown” [Season Finale]

After seeing Marcel survive Elijah’s attack, he now has the power that Lucian had. 

The first thing he did was to end al the stricts at his gym, something which Vincent was not happy about as his friend the cop got bitten by one Marcel missed. Vincent’s plan was to balance out the city’s powers, since the ancestors have been cut off, he wanted to make sure that they don’t wreak havoc at the same time the vampires get controlled. In his mind, he thought who better than the one who ruled before Klaus, Marcel himself.

But things didn’t go as planned for him, Vincent confronted Marcel at the end, and he showed his hostility and daring to call him the same as his family aka Klaus and others. This is one feud I look forward too.

The biggest shock was the prophecy, the writers went out of their comfort zone to show that even the original vampires are not invincible. Everyone had a feeling no matter how difficult things get, somehow they survive it alive and well. But this time however, Marcel was all for revenge. 

Luckily Hayley freed Rebecca, she broke up the fight between Klaus and Marcel, but too late to save Kol & Elijah who had been bitten by Marcel. She even went on to ask him to let his family go, but her face got sad when she was told there is no cure. However she managed to convince Marcel to give Klaus justice. A trial was set.

Klaus at first was reluctant, but after Freya spoke to him, he went with Rebecca. During the trial, Klaus & Rebecca somehow managed to make sure Klaus doesn’t die, but he rather got stabbed by Papa Tunde’s knife and remained alive. 

This meant that Freya channe led his power to make all her siblings and herself to to sleep, and be in the world she designed while Hayley tried to find a cure.

In my opinion, I would love to see Hope be older the next seas one. Plus the cure will take some time to be found. Imagine an older Hope, she gets a boyfriend and Klaus goes bezerk on him 😂