Black-ish (S02E24): “Good-ish Times”


Review: Now that Bow is pregnant, Dre thinks that Bow should take some time off from work. Sure that the layoffs at work are behind them, Dre is confident that they’ll be able to afford it. However, Dre quickly discovers that he’s dead wrong when his co-worker Lucy gets fired anyway. On her birthday. Ouch. “The tighter the ship, the bigger the profit!”, according to Dre’s boss.

Back home, Bow tells Dre that her doctor said she had a “geriatric womb”. Like, “probably watches Murder, She Wrote and has a landline-old”, as Ruby says. What this means? Bow really does need that time off, just when Dre’s reconsidering that noble offer. Furthermore, his parents are insisting that he take it upon himself to provide for his family so Bow can get some rest, and the kids need money for things like “Hunger Games camp” and “Advanced Summer Wizardry”. 

Exhausted, Dre falls to sleep while watching a TV marathon of “Good Times”. Dre’s dream involves The Johnson family in the 1970s, struggling to make ends meet while dealing with the eldest daughter’s (Bow’s) pregnancy. Dre, who’s her athlete boyfriend, keeps up a lie about making it big so that he can provide for them and the rest of the family (including plumber Charlie!). That is, until Bow’s quirky little brother – played by Junior – figures out that Dre is too injured to actually advance in his career. In the end, the “characters” all find out and while they’re upset, they’re sure they’ll make it work, somehow. They have each other, after all! 

When Dre wakes up a full twelve hours later, he comes clean to Bow about his troubles at work and just how stressed he is. But his Good Times adventure has made him realize that none of it really matters, as long as they’re together. Cute!