Fear the Walking Dead (So2E07): “Shiva”



Tonights episode of Fear the Walking Dead, was the mid-season finale & the season will return on August 21 with the remaining episodes. Let me just start by saying I predicted that someone would die at the mid-season finale and I’m surprised they went with Daniel out of all the characters.

However in these last two episodes at least I can see why, even more so in Shiva. The fact that both episodes started off with a resemblance of Daniels past, they were foreshadowing his demise. His psychological state did take quite a huge leap and we saw that when he imploded.  Although the extent to which he lost it, was dramatic to say the least. Because of his rushed exit, I’m not sure whether to mourn his character or not. But I just have to talk about how Ruben was absolutely brilliant in this episode, his performance was incredible.I think it Daniels death hits me the most because of Ofelia’s reaction to finding out her fathers death. That final scene where he gets free and see’s all the walkers at then lights the room on fire, wow that was a powerful scene also just the special effects team on this show needs a shout out there amazing.

Then we’ve got Strand in this episode, who is just mourning his love who he put to rest in the last episode. I’ve got to say they did a 360 on his character, I would have never thought I would of felt empathy for him, especially given how cut throat as cruel his is when it comes to other peoples lives.

Madison is definitely one of the most toughest & protective mothers on TV that I have come across, especially towards Nick.  That and she’s quite paranoid, in terms of she literally doesn’t trust anyone and given there experiences this season I don’t judge her. Although it is really nice to see that she’s come around to Alicia as well. Turns out the fight that Madison & Travis had last week, travelled to Alicia’s relationship with him, just after they had such great development. Guess an apocalypse doesn’t stop family drama if anything it enhances it.  

Then on the other hand theres Travis who left to go and look for Chris who a lot of fans dislike & while I can see why, in my opinion he’s one of the most interesting characters this season though I don’t condone anything he’s done. Everything he’s done since learning about his mothers death, and hows he death with it has be so intriguing to watch. But that scene where Travis finds Chris and he’s holding a gun with a child in his arms, was so intense. Also just a wake up call for Travis, since he never fully realised what Chris was going through, then again when they wrestle each other afterwards. I’m really curious to see where this relationship goes. 

Celia’s relationship with Nick was interesting if anything, also just the span of how he changed from one thing to another from last weeks episode. Saying that he hates killing, yet he feels so comfortable covering himself in blood. He’s such a complex character to read, its just so awesome to watch everything he does. 

Okay so we’ve got Travis and Chris together, Nick all alone wondering with the walkers. The look on Madison’s & Alicia’s face as he leaves is heartbreaking, since they both take so much care of him, it was saddening to watch. Then that just leaves Strand with Madison, who would thought we’d see these two ending up together, with Ofelia & Alicia.

All in all this was a decent episode, definitely wasn’t the cliffhanger I was expecting or hoping for. But there were some really great parts of tonights episode, seeing as everyone is split up and who there with, I’m curious to see when there next half of the season goes.