Grey’s Anatomy (S12E24): “Family Affair”


Review: So there is a lot going on this season finale. In the opening scene it is just Alex and Meredith lying down in the grass (like Meredith and Christina used to do) discussing Owen and Amelia’s wedding. Yes, apparently there is a wedding coming. Meredith complaining about Amelia being so emotional and having to get married this fast. Alex points it out to her that Amelia isn’t Christina, she isn’t Derek either and Meredith should stop comparing her, because it’s not fair. Also, this is when it’s starts to rain which could by a symbolic warning of what’s coming next.

So like I said Amelia and Owen are getting married. As if they weren’t moving things ahead before. Anyway, Amelia’s family isn’t really supportive of this wedding. Amelia is trying to convince them to please come to the wedding, but they won’t, which really bothers Amelia even though she doesn’t want to care. Maggie is eavesdropping and doesn’t know how to help Amelie who locked herself into the bathroom after talking to her family. April gets Owen so he can make sure Amelia will show up at her own wedding (despite her family). Amelia is basically Meredith before Derek (according to Meredith… how mature). Maybe that is why Meredith gets easily annoyed when Amelia is around. But this means Meredith know exactly how to deal with Amelia and her being afraid to enter the church and get married. Meredith presents Amelia with a number of options. 1. Get married; 2, Cancel the wedding; 3. Run and get out of there. This is the Meredith we know! And they go with option three. Meredith, Amelia and even Maggie leave the wedding before it even started to go on a rainy road trip, while drinking colorful slushies for Amelia to realize that she really does want to marry Owen. Okaaay. Luckily Owen has given Amelia the benefit of the doubt and the waiting pays off. Amelia and Owen get married. At last.

April is Owen’s best (wo)man on this important day, but being pregnant makes you forgetfulness . April has been very helpful though, but when Owen is thanking her for taking such good care he mentions something about the wedding rings – which April was supposed to bring – she realizes she left the rings at Meredith’s. April asks dr. Warren to drive back there with her to find them. Meredith’s place is a mess and it takes a while before April finds them. Just when they want to April is having contractions and well having dr. Warren around isn’t necessarily the most comforting idea given his reckless history. However April refuses to drive to the hospital, because it is bad weather and dangerous to go out there. She’d rather give birth at Meredith’s where it’s warm and safe. And dr. Warren will need to help her deliver this baby. Unfortunately her baby is breech which changes everything. Dr. Warren calls for an ambulance, but both he and April know that it’ll be too late by the time they get there. This baby needs to come out right now so Dr. Warren is going to need to perform an emergency C-section (the last time he did one the mother and child died). Arizona, Jackson and Bailey are on speaker to talk him through it. Apparently there are no surgical instruments to be found in Meredith’s house, which I find hard to believe given the fact that there are 3 surgeons living there. There is no anesthesia meaning dr. Warren is going to cut open April with a kitchen knife. Right. Just close your eyes and be done with it already. Just when dr. Warren cut open April we hear the sound of an ambulance arriving in the background. Next we know April and her healthy baby girl are brought into the ER. They both turn out to be fine. What does this mean for Bailey and dr. Warren? Well, dr. Bailey seems to be able to trust dr. Warren again.

Although Arizona is the one with custody over Sofia she can’t deny the fact that Callie is unhappy and having a hard time dealing with everything. Penny has already left for New York and Callie is quite miserable even though we don’t get to see a lot of Callie this episode. However, Arizona is the one ringing Callie’s doorbell at the end of the day to tell Callie that she can take Sofia and should go be with Penny. Well, Arizona, that is extremely generous considering Callie was the one who planned to take Sofia across the country and didn’t think it was a good idea to discuss first. Anyway, this means Callie will leave Seattle very soon to go be with Penny.

Apparently there is some big secret going on in her life, that she has been able to hide for Alex over the years. Stephanie orders DeLuca to take care of Jo, because she’s drunk. When they leave the bar Jo begins to tell parts of the story to DeLuca. It turns out that Jo can’t marry Alex, because she’s already married. Jo isn’t even her real name. She was married to a guy that beat her up every chance he got. Jo left him, changed her name and never looked back. Marrying Alex would mean a divorce and that would probably lead to her husband finding her again. Obviously Jo doesn’t want that. DeLuca tries to convince Jo to tell Alex, but Jo doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea. DeLuca is making sure Jo gets home safely, but when in the apartment Jo starts to take off her clothes (making DeLuca very uncomfortable). And of course, when DeLuca wants to help Jo into bed and prevent her from taking more clothes off they fell onto the bed just in time for Alex to get home and witness the whole thing. The speech Alex gave earlier in the day about being grown up seems lost in frustration.

What does this mean for next season? I think we will see Callie leaving Seattle very, very soon, but I expect we still get to see her in the first few episodes. What will this mean for Arizona? Of course with Owen and Amelia we can prepare for some drama. Will April and Jackson continue their peaceful co-parenting plan? Jo’s story will probably be a big part of next season and we have to see if DeLuca survives being attacked by Alex. Last but not least we will find out how Meredith relationship with dr. Riggs will develop. Especially now we heard that Maggie likes Riggs (come on Maggie, out of all people). See you next season!