Sarah Davenport – Ivy Brown on Freeform’s Stitchers

Sarah Davenport is an actress, known for Dusk (2015), Car 86 and Barely Alive (2012). She is currently starring in Stitchers as Ivy Brown. This is her debut on TV and she says it’s quite different from being on movies. “The making of TV and film are certainly very different.” And being on TV takes less time as she adds, “My whole stint with Ivy, from fitting to wrap, consisted of six or seven days total. TV is very fast.” There is a key element different between movies and series. “With film, I feel the preparation happens more before production, and filming becomes about getting it “just right.” There feels to be a little more time to it.”

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Sarah Davenport’s debut on TV is on Freeform’s Stitchers.

Stitchers is not everyone’s cup of tea, which explains why she didn’t know about the show. “I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of it before!” and she isn’t one for series either “I’m notoriously bad at tuning into TV shows” but like any other person thanks to Netflix she is all caught up. “I do not have cable and steal my roommates’ Netflix! So it’s nothing personal. But you can bet I’ve binged now!” 

With many left in awe by her performance her role just happened as she puts it as “TA-DA!” It all began in January. “My first audition was back in January, and it was my first time meeting Casting Director Michael Testa. I had done a lot of exploring to round out the character and scenes: mainly just talking it out, and filling in a back story. Michael and I had a great first read, and I got a callback for a couple days later. This time I knew it felt really right and I went in there ready to win. I got the call the next day I think.” It is also interesting to know that she knew what she wanted to be when she grows up. “I’ve been acting since I was in elementary school- any chance I’d get. I’ve always had this very clear idea in my head that it is what I wanted to do, and I followed that in any way I could.”

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Sarah Davenport is on Instagram (@notsarahdavenport).

Every artist have a source of inspiration, fortunately for her, her inspiration is found everywhere. “I find inspiration mostly by just being really present to the world around me.” And apparently walking isn’t just good for your health but also for your craft. “I don’t have a car, so I walk a lot, take the bus, Uber. I find myself constantly looking at other people, just trying to observe as much as I can.” Like anyone else, she has her family to support her, and if you didn’t know a twin brother! “Also a lot of people in my personal life inspire me, people around me working hard and loving what they do. My parents and twin brother have been my biggest supporters forever, always taking me to auditions and watching the final products.” If that isn’t enough she still has more support. “I also have a wonderful family/extended family of friends and I sometimes can’t believe how much they love me and what I do.”

She also has an interesting perspective at the perks she has from being an actress. “I’m loving getting to connect with fans now! That feels like a perk. For me I really view getting to go to set and work as a perk, so heck- the whole thing!” Her plans of the future are mainly to stay in the industry, “I hope acting is always a part of my future, so that’s definitely the main thing.” But there are some more like: “Traveling to space. Eating lots of good food. Ooh, I’d love to get a car one day.” I hope she likes pizza like I do.

Her favourite movies and series are: “All-time Fave: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; anything by Christopher Nolan/specifically The Prestige, Interstellar; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; House of Cards; Parks and Recreation!!!” She also has to offer some advice to all aspiring actors. “For aspiring actors, I’d say commit yourself to it and never stop. Make every decision you can to make that dream a reality.” It’s not an easy career either as one might think, she adds “Sometimes that means working more jobs than you think is possible, but it all pays off in the end by you getting to do what you want to do.” However it pays off. “Just keep going and you will do it. Joining the industry- take good classes and meet people. There’s no one path, just dive in.”

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Ivy Brown (Sarah Davenport) having a moment with Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta)

Speaking about Stitchers, “A family reunion- that’s certainly the goal, it seems. I think it’s difficult to say what will happen. Kirsten, dad (Stinger), and myself all have different motivations. We will see who wins out.” she says answering the question everyone has been wondering since the revelation of Stinger. She too agrees this season has been emotional, “I think season 2 has been such a fun roller coaster!” Adding more on the direction the show is going she says “I really like the changes the show took and how close it feels we are getting to figuring out a few central mysteries. I think I’m directly part of one of them and that feels really exciting.” There is some bad news though, spamming her social media will give no results. “It’s cool too because, believe it or not, I don’t know all the answers!”

We will not be seeing a guy in Ivy’s life anytime soon as she says “The biggest guy in her life certainly is Daniel Stinger. I think Kirsten and Ivy share some similarities in this department- they’re both very dedicated to their work.” Moreover she did mention about the relationships she is impressed with. “I love Linus’ relationship with his parents. That’s such a real aspect of the show, and I like how it reminds us there’s a world outside the Stitchers program” And the good news is, she is a #Camsten fan! “Also, let’s be honest, Camsten is so dang cute. Those two have such a chemistry!” But still unsure of when Cam and Nina must end for it to happen. “But I still can’t decide if I really want it to happen.”

Taking the time to answer a few questions sent out by the fans on our twitter.

Sarah: Hey Anne! It feels like a dream come true! They are all so nice and I feel like part of the family. (Don’t tell me if it’s not true, guys.) Thanks for asking!

Sarah: Sylvie! Good question. Ivy has the potential to bring a lot of answers and connections to the team. I don’t know what Kirsten would think of her sister in the lab, though…

What did you think of Sarah’s role as Ivy Brown? You can let her know by tweeting to her now @SCDavenport. The season finale of Stitchers is tonight 9/8c on Freeform.