The 100: (S03E16) ‘Perverse Instantiation – Part 2’

After a wild and rollercoaster season, plagued with multiple major deaths, The 100 finale was tasked with wrapping everything up. However, even though we sort of got what we wanted, it wasn’t exactly executed in the right manner. The whole City of Light idea and Clarke entering it was sort of too good to be true. But I must say, I loved the writers idea of bringing Lexa back. Many believed the fierce character was taken out too easily and this time she finally got a hero worthy goodbye.

I always knew that Clarke would somehow take the Flame, something that was perfect for her role. She could try to deny it but Clarke has always been the leader of The 100. But now that ALIE is over, the team that have done bad things have a lot to deal with. This means another emotional season ahead.

The ending wasn’t shocking at all. Octavia has promised revenge for Lincoln’s death for a while and nothing would stop her. It was coming but I don’t think it was worth ending the season with. But all that said, I am a big fan of The 100’s latest season and can’t see what happens next season.