The Odd Couple: (S02E12) “All the Resident’s Men”


As they enter Oscar’s apartment, the gang is dressed in baseball gear and is sad they lost to another radio show. Felix comes in with great news saying the President of the Tenants Association has retired. He wants to run. Felix is so excited that he could be the next president of the Royal Arms. Felix starts calling the tenants for support. Emily is working on slogans. Oscar comes in and says someone defaced his cutout by drawing a mustache. Oscar admits to doing it. Then Felix says he wants to designate washing machines for whites and colors. Dani says “What the hell is wrong with you?” Felix is starting to feel the power. He says he will outlaw all smoking including Oscar smoking cigars on the balcony. Felix says he wants to have a weekly coffee. Oscar says he doesn’t know the tenants in the building but he is guessing they will hate the idea. Oscar says people just want to be left alone. Oscar decides he will run for president using the slogan that he will leave people alone.

The next morning Felix greets people on the first floor at the lobby and hands out flyers. Oscar hands out donuts and is more popular. Felix enters the apartment and is upset because he is losing the 11th floor and the election hinges on the 11th floor. Felix can’t believe people would vote for Oscar. Emily suggests Felix fights dirty and he considers it briefly but then says no.

Oscar is going door to door saying he will leave the tenants alone and brings donuts. One neighbor says he doesn’t like it that Felix brings him pamphlets to read and he hates that. Dani is helping Oscar. She wants to know why this is so important to Oscar. Oscar says because Felix says he can’t do it.

Felix is making his presentation for why he wants to be president. He wants ID cards. He says he has the vision to take people into the 22nd century. LOL! Someone gets up and says the older tenants may want to stand up in case they developed blood clots from the long presentation. Oscar gets up and says if you vote for me, I will leave you alone and he gets applause. That is the extent of Oscar’s speech. Felix then gets up and says even though Oscar is his best friend; he says Oscar is not the best man for the job. He says a bunch of bad things about Oscar. One of which is that Oscar is not fiscally responsible, he smokes cigars on the balcony, and he barfed in the lobby ficus. Oscar gets up and admits to all those things and asks who hasn’t even done similar things. He asks who is going to vote for me and everyone raises their hands and chants Oscar’s name.

Oscar has Teddy taking a picture of him for the wall of presidents. Apparently Oscar won. He says he wants to be known as Renegade and that he has his own security detail which basically consists of Teddy. LOL! He says on his first day he is moving his car to the presidential spot. He runs into his first problem. A neighbor says he lost money in the vending machine. Does he have to fill out a form? As the elevator fills up, everyone has a complaint. Oscar looks a little distressed. He enters his apartment and says this doesn’t stop. He says he gets to take a break. Dani says she isn’t so sure about that. He has been getting emails and invoices. Dani leaves saying she will see him Monday. Oscar says it’s Thursday. Dani says she knows.

Oscar is throwing the printed emails around and Felix says he will do the work because he doesn’t want to see the building go downhill and he regrets the mean things he said about Oscar. Felix says the election brought back a lot of bad memories. He would always run for office in school but he lost to the homecoming queen and king. Felix says it is OK. He is content to work behind the scenes.

At the next building meeting the leaving president introduces Oscar as the new president and gives him the gavel. Oscar says that as his first action he wants to say they all made a horrible mistake electing him and that Felix did all the wonderful things that have been happening. Oscar says he doesn’t deserve to be president, Felix does. People say they don’t want Felix. One says he reminds me of his wife. Another one says Felix makes him uncomfortable but if Oscar says he’s OK that’s good enough for him. Oscar hands the presidency and the gavel over to Felix.

Felix is taking pictures of Teddy, Dani, Emily, Murph, and Oscar for their building IDs. Oscar wants to be batman and even wears a batman mask. Felix allows it. We even get to see his building ID with his picture in the mask showing the name Batman and his apartment number. LOL! That is the end of the episode. It was cute. What did you think of the episode?