The Odd Couple: (S02E13) “The Ex Factor”


In the lobby, Oscar is asking Felix about why he changed vests when he asked him if he wanted to go to Langford’s. Meanwhile Charlotte enters the lobby. Oscar hides. Felix talks to Charlotte. Charlotte says to tell Oscar hi. Oscar hides again. She leans over the desk and says “Oscar.” He stands up.

Later in Oscar’s apartment the gang is trying to talk Oscar into online dating. Murph recommends the dating site Lovebirds because he is a spokesperson for the site. Oscar says he doesn’t want to use his real name or photo in his profile as he is kind of a celebrity.

Emily enters the apartment and says that this jewelry company she applied to in London contacted her and they want her to work there for three months. Felix asks Emily what she wants to do. Emily is excited. She doesn’t know if she wants to uproot her life and leave Felix. Felix encourages her to go. Emily wonders why Felix doesn’t seem upset at the prospect of her leaving for three months. Felix admits it would kill him to be without her for three months but he doesn’t want to hold Emily back. Emily decides she wants to stay. She doesn’t want to spend three months away from this amazing man, Felix.

Oscar goes down to Langford’s and asks for his first date table. His date turns out to be Felix’s ex-wife Ashley. She says seriously, out of all the human beings in NYC she ends up with Oscar. They talk about how their profile pictures didn’t tell the truth. Oscar says he couldn’t put up a picture. He is a celebrity. She has all kinds of makeup and lighting in her profile picture.  Oscar tells Ashley that Felix has a girlfriend. They order drinks and salads.

Emily enters the apartment and says that she told the London people no. Then Oscar enters and admits that his date was Ashley. Felix is a little overwhelmed at the thought. He asks Oscar to tell him everything. He pretends not to care but then he says of course he cares. They were married for fifteen years. He asks Oscar if he told her he moved on.

The next day they are telling Teddy about all this and he is laughing. Teddy finds out they met through a dating website. Teddy says no. You need someone to set you up. Teddy has the perfect person for Oscar and shows him a picture. Apparently she is beautiful and she loves sports.

Then Ashley texts Felix for a cup of coffee. Emily comes in and Felix tells her Ashley texted him and asked him for coffee. Emily doesn’t want Oscar to go. Felix says it’s not a big deal. Emily asks if he is sure as he freaked out when he found out that Oscar went out on a date with Ashley.

Now Emily says this is why Felix wanted Emily to go to London. Felix says that is impossible as it was two days ago before any of this happened. Lindsay says you are going aren’t you? Felix says yes. Emily says so am I. So Emily is going to London after all.

Ashley and Felix are having coffee. Ashley notices that Felix makes a foam hole to add sugar to his drink. Ashley says that used to drive me crazy but now it doesn’t bother her. She says this reminds her of when they were at a coffee house in France with tiny cups and Felix got so hopped up on caffeine he commandeered a gondola. LOL! Ashley says she has had a hard time dating. Ashley asks Felix if he ever thinks of them getting back together. Felix says a year ago he would have given anything to hear her say those words but now he is pretty happy. Ashley says it’s OK. She is glad he is happy.

Oscar is on a date with Teddy’s friend at Langford’s. They had a great night. He gives her a good bye hug. Emily notices they had a good time. Oscar says it’s just that she is not Charlotte. Emily says he can’t keep holding back because of Charlotte. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and to get off his ass.

Emily goes to Felix’s apartment. Felix tells her he no longer wants to get back together with Ashley. Emily says she wants to go to London. Emily says this opportunity doesn’t come by every day. Felix says three months is a long time. Emily says they will be OK if they are as strong as she thinks they are.

Oscar goes down to Charlotte’s apartment and she says it is good to see him not hiding behind the desk or the umbrella. She asks what he is doing there. Oscar says he realizes he doesn’t get a lot of shots at something like this. They kiss.

Oscar and Felix are eating and Oscar says another great meal. Felix tricked Oscar into eating a baked potato by telling him it was a large tater tot. Felix says he has to keep busy with Emily away for three months. So Felix has plans for Oscar like yoga and plays. Oscar shoves Felix out the door and tells him to go to Dani’s apartment as that is where he lives now and locks Felix out of the apartment. LOL! Dani moved into Emily’s apartment for three months as Dani’s apartment is so small.

That is the end of the episode. The Odd Couple will be back for season three. I don’t know if it will be in the fall of 2016 or not until the spring of 2017.