Awkward: (S05E23 & 24) “Second Chances & Happy Campers. Happier Trails” [Season Finale]

There are still rumours going on of a season 6. In case it doesn’t happen this season finale gave us the end game. After last season both Jenna and Marty broke up to go their separate ways, this time they ended up together in the camp which was closing.

But what she did was cheat on Luke which gives the wrong image to the viewers. 

Lisa was inspiring to others as she got successful with her new business, Tammara decided to also try her hand. Luke never showed up again but it will be interesting to see if there is a new season. 

Jake quit his job, after seeing his boss working at the country club for 20 years he decided he didn’t want to be like that. 

Sadie got her friends back and we also got to see Valerie. Lacey was amazing too.

Overall it was an ending to mark the friendship of all the characters. One of the best episodes this season!