Stitchers: (S02E10) “All In” [Season Finale]

The highly anticipated finale everyone has been waiting for left us in a rollercoaster of emotions.

This episode unlike any other had no problem solving and went directly to the point of finding Stinger. After the moment they shared, Ivy left Kirsten a clue to find Stinger. But someone tipped him off and when Kirsten reached there with her team she only saw a very angry Ivy.

Let’s say the reunion didn’t go as expected and Ivy wants to see no more of Kirsten. However Ivy revealed that Kirsten’s mother is alive. 

Trying her best to find her, she even got to her coffin to only fail. Using Linus’s body also gave no results but only brought back memories she didn’t want to visit. 

Blaise also showed up to screw things up causing her to hit rock bottom. She managed to steal a moment with Cameron, go back home to see Camile drinking up and start to feel useless. But like any friend Camile managed cheer her up, and they trace back from zero.

The only object left, the urn that say right there infront of her everyday. Desperate times call for desperate measures and she decides to go over it. They discover it has a binary code which provides them to an address with a code.

Keeping the recap short, they show up to find a doctor in a capsule which kept her mother alive. Doing their jobs, they begin to stitch it but Blaire stops them showing up with his previous guys. Turns out that being huge because of all the pizza you ate while playing video games pays off to beat up two NSA agents 😂

During the stitch she finds out that the NSA transport her and she is an asset. But the surprise came up when Stinger managed to transfer her to her own memory where he took her to her youth with her mother. 

Cameron decided to hijack the signal and they share their moment. 

One thing to note is that whenever a guy and a girl hug it is bound to turn into a kiss. But don’t try that in real life you will be called a creep 😂

On a more serious note, this episode left us with a lot of questions. Mainly being what’s next with Ivy, Stinger and Kirsten, or even who is her mom as in why has she been in a capsule for decades and called an asset, or you can even say why have we been seeing Camille having the hots for Fischer who apparently somehow gets rekindled with her wife. 

All these can be answered by a renewal, and in order to get one you must continue to use #RenewStitchers. If you still have some time left you can read the interview of Sarah Davenport who plays Ivy Brown on the show here.