The Detour: (S01E08) “The Drop”

If you are a huge killer for Christmas, you might want to move to this place in Florida. 

Like any Christmas, things may sometimes start our bad but it always ends with fun and happiness.

The cops still confused with the current situation, you can’t blame them. Think of it, they named their son Jarob, they aren’t married and they are now away from each other. 

But everything went back to normal when Vanessa called Robin telling all about the product. Rushing back to her ‘husband’ but she still gave him the silent treatment.

Throughout the episode, they also managed to point out how having guns are not a way to increase safety, and that was confirmed at the end when the man shot his own foot. 

Another important aspect was how couples can fight, but giving up is not an option, whenever there is a sign of trouble you should stick up with each other and support each other even if the product is a hand sanitizer. 

Moreover never underestimate a child, even if he acts like a dumb one. But the best one is that Santa also does the number 2 😂