The Goldbergs (S03E24) “Have A Summer”

Review: It’s Freshmen Fear Week, a terrifying time at the end of the school year for the new high school freshmen because they are being hazed by the students in higher grades. Barry threatens Adam that he will throw him in the showers and when Adam runs to Beverly for protection, she realizes that he is not a little boy anymore, so she won’t protect him. At school, while his friends are being attacked, Adam has to fight Barry, and instead of the older Goldberg winning this fight, Adam is the one who gets Barry to the ground and becomes the new badass at school. Barry is humiliated and has lost all respect of his classmates and even the JTP, but he can’t just beat up Adam to make things right because he is afraid of him now. At first, Adam is enjoying his new status, but when Pops tells him that he will always be Barry’s little brother, Adam wants to make Barry feel better and tells him that flipping Barry was just because of science. He can convince Barry that it was all an accident, and helps him gain back the respect of the school by letting Barry pull a prank on the entire 8th grade.

To get back to Beverly, she can’t handle that her youngest child is going to high school and needs some Bev Time with Adam’s baby blankie. But when Erica uses the blanket to wrap NKOTB stuff to put in the time capsule at school, Beverly is crushed. So she and Erica dig up the time capsule the next day to get the blanket back. Geoff, who still has a big crush on Erica, helps them dig it up, just so he can take out a tape that he put in the capsule. The tape is for their future kids to listen to in 30 years and he doesn’t want Erica to see it for obvious reasons. But he accidentally hits a water pipe when he’s digging and everything in the time capsule gets ruined. Everything, besides Geoff’s tape. And when Erica listens to it, she first laughs, but later comes to the realization that she does maybe like him a little bit. When Erica goes over to Geoff to tell him how she feels, she sees that she’s too late. Geoff has moved on and is now together with Evelyn Silver, who had been hitting on him the past days.

Not only Erica has to move on now, Beverly also has to get past the thought that Adam is growing up. She may have gotten her blankie back, but he is going to high school and is not her baby anymore. But, now that she doesn’t have to (s)mother her kids as much, Beverly has decided to get her teaching certificate so that she can get a life, outside of the house.

I loved the season finale. I really liked seeing how Adam was the one with the power over Barry this time, and it was of course great to see how he made up to his big brother. I also really like it that Beverly will get her teaching certificate. I think that will make for some very funny scenes next season.

And even though I did enjoy Erica’s storyline as well, there was one thing that I didn’t like. I’ve been rooting for Erica and Geoff to get together all season, and I was a little disappointed by the ending. And not because they are not together now, but the reason of why they are not together. I just don’t like the idea of that Geoff has moved on right when Erica realizes that she has feelings for him. This is an old plot device and used way too often in sitcoms in my opinion. So I hope next season won’t be about this too much, but I have faith that Adam and the writers will come up with a great way to work this out.

Overall season 3 has been fantastic. The Goldbergs is not only hilarious, it also always knows how to hit you emotionally after you’ve been laughing for 20 minutes. The thing I always enjoy most is the back and forths between different characters, that go on just a just long enough so that they make you laugh really hard. Crazy dialogue, hilarious oneliners and a cast that always delivers is what makes this show so great. Congratulations to everybody on The Goldbergs for a great season, I can’t wait till season 4! Thank you for reading my reviews, I hope to see you back here in the fall. Have a summer!

Rating: 9/10