The Boy Movie Review (2016)

So this movie was a bunch of craziness but it was a good craziness. But you all are here to read my review and know what I thought of this insane movie so I behold thee The Boy Movie Review!

The movie begins with a woman named Greta (Lauren Cohan) already arrived in Yorkstown and is arriving at the house in a cab. The cab driver lets her out and wakes her up by telling her that he put her bags already into the house and she thinks of the house out of some kind of storybook (which was a weird and unusual comment to be made in a horror movie). When Greta goes into the house she is eager to meet Brahms but is met by a man named Malcolm (Rupert Evans) who is the families delivery man. The couple then comes to get Greta to meet Brahms only to find out that Brahms is a doll. Greta thinks this is a joke and that a child will be popping out of the walls or something any minute now. But the family isn’t laughing; so the family tells Greta she has to go by this list of rules in order to keep Brahms (Jett Klyne) truly happy. So Greta thinks that all of this is non-sense and doesn’t choose to do the rules at first, but when she didn’t obey the rules she witnessed the aftermath of what happened that Brahms did. So to keep her payers happy she continues to go with the game and do the rules. When she gets weird phone calls from a spiritual voice that seems to be Brahms she understands that she did the wrong thing or missed a step to not miss next time. Soon Greta treats Brahms the doll like a real person, takes him outside to enjoy the good weather, reads to him like how a mother would, etc. Its not long until Greta reveals to Malcolm that she was in a relationship with an abusive/asshole of a man named Cole (Ben Robson) and that she was pregnant once but had lost the baby; and so she fled the country to do jobs in other countries. Its not long after that Greta feels like Malcolm has the right to know what weird and unusual things have happening in the house. When the doll moves on its own, both believe that the doll is truly alive or inhabitant by a possessing spirit; but Malcolm also warns Greta that Brahms used to have a play date when he was alive but she was found dead skull burst into pieces by a giant stone and then Brahms died in the fire. In the end the douche bag boyfriend Cole found Greta and was trying to take her back, when Cole finds a threatening message she demands to know who did it and smashes Brahms doll face onto the table which unleashes the true suspect 20 something year old Brahms busts out of the wall and kills the douche boyfriend but then goes on a killing spree but Greta wins the final fight with the crazy man and flees with Malcolm into the town.

Honestly I found this movie to be good but it would’ve been a lot better if they would’ve kept with the spirit possessing the doll story instead of changing it at the end as a real person who has been hiding in the walls for 20 something years. I mean come on a possessed doll can wreak a lot of havoc on the living and it would’ve been great for the creative team too but instead they had to ruin it by making it a real person who has been living in the walls and was watching Greta sleep. But honestly I really enjoyed Lauren Cohan in this film she has been a really great actress and she did a great job in this film. Bear McCreary who did the music did a phenomenal job as well!

Ratings: I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars (If they would’ve not added in an actual person for Brahms in the end it would’ve made my rating a lot more)

The Boy is now out on DVD