The Flash (S02E23) “The Race of His Life”

Holy Shit! Okay thats all I can really say right now without going through an entire rant but the rant will come later, you all have come to read about the recap/review of the Season 2 Finale so lets get to that!

In this episode: We leave right were we left off, Barry witnessing his father being murdered by Zoom. With Zoom telling Barry that this murder will make him become just like him with extreme anger and rage and murderous. Once Barry’s father dies, Barry slams Zoom onto the wall in full rage but stops once thats what Zoom wants from him; Barry and Zoom then chase each other throughout the city but once Barry thinks he has Zoom that hes battling in an ally way it reveals that Zoom kills his own time remnant and tells Barry that he’s almost ready to do whats necessary and leaves Barry alone. Barry and Team Flash all come to Henry Allen’s (Barry’s father) funeral, but Barry refuses to accept the death of his father and doesn’t say anything at the funeral. But Joe West insists to say a few words about Henry Allen.

With Barry then wants to know what Zoom’s evil and mischievous plan is, but all that Zoom wants is a race to see who the fastest is. Only to find out that theres a machine that will take Zoom and Barry’s speed to fuel the machine to create the end of the world for not just Earth-2 but the whole multi-verse will meet its end. So Barry wants to race Zoom but of course Team Flash ended up intervening with Barry’s decision and traps him in the Pipeline.  So while Barry is trapped, team Flash chooses to trap Zoom in his own Earth forever but the plan goes wrong and Zoom takes Joe with him.

Barry is then freed by Wally in hopes to rescue Joe but now the only way to do that is to race Zoom and win. Barry assures that he will win the race, once Barry and Zoom are at the machine Team Flash watches the two race and power up the machine but Barry then creates a time remnant to keep running in the machine while he rescues Joe and beats Zoom in one last fight with help from the Time Wraiths. With Barry’s time remnant still running forward still activating the machine the time remnant then chooses to run backwards forcing the machine to shut off but killing the time remnant in the process by  being burned into ashes.

In the end Barry makes a decision that will forever change the origin story of our hero (The Flashpoint Paradox). Barry chooses to run back in time once again but this time save his mother from being murdered by the Reverse Flash which will now change the time line forever.

Now don’t get me wrong this episode was really good, but that ending it does allow us to re-see later on the particle accelerator turn all who didn’t become meta’s the first time around to become meta’s this time around or at least we hope so. But we wont know for sure until Season 3 starts in the fall most likely around October. But the possibilities are endless in thinking what will happen because now in this new timeline with no meta’s yet but at least Barry will now have his father and mother both alive or we hope like I said we wont know for sure until Season 3 starts. Until then I hope you all enjoy the re-runs of The Flash happening possibly around July or August or even during the summer who knows.

The Flash will return for a Season 3 in October (don’t have a actual premiere date but keep watching for one soon)