Wayward Pines: (S02E01) “Enemy Lines”


Season 1 ended with the abbies overtaking the town. The abbies were humans who had transformed into bloodthirsty monsters between 2014 and 4028. The town’s founder, David Pilcher, was killed by his sister Pam. The town sheriff Ethan Burke sacrificed himself for the sake of the town. Things were a mess in Wayward Pines. Ben Burke, Ethan Burke’s son, woke up three years later after being hit in the head the same night his father died.

Season 2 of Wayward Pines begins with Ben Burke giving a voice over review of what has happened to his family, civilization, and Wayward Pines over the last three years. His father died defending the family from monsters outside and threats within. The town is now ruled by those born in Wayward Pines also known as the first generation. This isn’t an environment Ben wanted to live in so he decided to do something about it.

Now there is a beach scene which doesn’t seem possible based on what I know of Wayward Pines. It shows Jason Patric playing Dr. Theo Yedlin in the ocean coming out and asking his wife Rebecca if he can use her bikini because she isn’t using it. They are on vacation in Hawaii. He goes to a bar and orders a beer. This must be before Dr. Yedlin ends up in Wayward Pines. Sheriff Pope is there but we know he is dead so this is clearly before Wayward Pines was created.  Sheriff Pope and Dr. Yedlin end up talking. The sheriff mentions don’t you wish you could just start over? He says change is coming. He says they are in the middle of an evolutionary transition and there will be a revolution as a result of it. The sheriff asks Dr. Yedlin if he saves people. Dr. Yedlin says that’s my job. Sheriff Pope asks the doc if he could save thousands of people at once would he? He talks about putting people to sleep for a while and then waking them up. Dr. Yedlin doesn’t answer. Sheriff Pope says he has a feeling about Dr. Yedlin. The next scene shows Dr. Yedlin in his pod in Wayward Pines being woken up. So, Sheriff Pope was on a recruiting mission but it appears Dr. Yedlin was taken against his will like so many others.

Next thing you know Dr. Yedlin is on a couch in what used to be David Pilcher’s office. A lady is there with him. Her name is Kacey Rohl and she plays Kerry. Dr. Yedlin thinks it is just the next morning saying he had too much to drink the night before and he hopes he didn’t cause any trouble. He thanks Kerry and says he will go back to his room. Kerry radios to someone that he is awake. He tries to get out of the room and she says he is needed at the hospital. Dr.  Yedlin talks about meeting his wife. She says your wife is fine. I just need you to come with me now. They start walking. He asks where they are. Kerry says you are in Wayward Pines and she smiles. Everyone smiles in Wayward Pines, right? LOL!

Kerry, who is probably one of the first generation, and Dr. Yedlin enter a car driven by a policeman named Mario played by Christopher Meyer. A speaker says due to recent rebel activity curfew begins in 25 minutes. Kerry says the doctor is needed at the hospital because the bullet is lodged at the base of the spine. He looks out the window and sees a kid riding a bike. There are spies hiding in bushes everywhere. LOL! They have binoculars and communication devices. Dr. Yedlin escapes the car and runs. Kerry yells after him it’s a small town and we will find you. Dr. Yedlin ends up in the woods and a fireball explodes a ways away. He runs up to a house and knocks on the door. He peeks in the window. Next door a man is painting his house in the dark. LOL! The man nods at Jason.

Finally Simeon, played by Jamie M. Callica, answers the door. Dr. Yedlin asks to borrow their cell phone. Simeon says they have a land line. Dr.  Yedlin says he wants to call the police. Simeon says Hector just started playing tonight. Hector is the man who plays piano music over the speakers every night. Simeon asks for his name. Dr. Yedlin asks if they saw or heard the explosion outside. Simeon says it was probably a transformer. Dr. Yedlin says he is going to go. Simeon says to his wife, call him.

At the hospital Dr. Yedlin asks where all the other doctors are. Kerry tells him all the doctors died. One of the first generation, Jason, greets him and apologizes for the welcome. Jason is now the leader of the town. Jason says they are part of a government experiment. Jason says his boss and his wife know he is here. He claims his wife is on her way. Jason says we should focus on the patient and focus on what is real.

Dr. Yedlin is looking at the patient. Jason says the patient is more important than most. She is septic. It is Kate Hewson, the secret service agent that Ethan Burke knew and who was helping lead the rebellion in season 1. Jason says they were waiting for him. They prepare Kate for surgery.

Jason is talking to Kerry and she says three more died today. I don’t know if it is from the abbies or what. They are looking for Ben. Megan comes in in a wheelchair and says David Pilcher would say it is time to enact clear rules with severe punishment. Megan was and probably still is one of the teachers at the school.

Ben is somewhere talking to one of the policeman, Xander, and says they need to have a say in how they live their lives otherwise his dad and all the others died for nothing. Xander says he has to get some sleep as he has to get up and work for the enemy tomorrow and Pilcher says routine is key to happiness. So Ben is leading the rebels now.

Dr. Yedlin is washing up after surgery and a young man says what he did is impressive. The young man asks Dr. Yedlin to teach him. Dr. Yedlin says he doesn’t work there. Kerry comes in and says they have doctor’s quarters for him.

Flashback to where Dr. Yedlin and his wife Rebecca were on vacation in Hawaii and he talks about going to a counselor and she says they tried that. They talk about having a baby. They must be disagreeing about whether to have a baby.

Dr. Yedlin gets a pop out of an old pop machine. Then he walks by a room where they are giving electric shock treatment to a patient. I think it is the lady who used to work in the sheriff’s office, Arlene.

The next morning Kerry wakes up Dr. Yedlin and says Kate is awake. Kate says his name is familiar and that he must be from group C. She says they haven’t told you yet. He says about the government program, yes, they have. She asks who briefed you, was it Jason Higgins? Dr. Yedlin doesn’t say anything. Kerry is at the door saying his wife is there and they can travel home. Well, we all know that is a lie. I am surprised they didn’t let Kate die as she was a known rebel.

Simeon is driving Dr. Yedlin and Dr. Yedlin asks where the nearest airport is. Simeon says he hasn’t been anywhere else and that living a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the best way to live his life and contribute to society.

Jason is asking Kate where Ben is so that is why they saved her. The first generation wants to find Ben. Jason says he wants to preserve life. Kate says you can’t control life.

Dr. Yedlin is out of the car and walking the streets with a bag of clothes. Simeon is following him. The doctor looks at the store fronts. The town is in kind of bad shape since the abbies destroyed it at the end of season one. He spies a young woman being taken away from her son by the police. The doctor says you don’t need to be rough like this. The police say to stay out of this. The mother hugs the son and says it will be OK. The police take the woman away and take the son to go get some candy. Simeon is following Dr. Yedlin who ends up back at the doctor’s quarters. Simeon says he will be back at 7 am to get him and his wife should be there then and that someone will bring him something to eat. Later they show him with a tray of food and his suitcase.

Dr. Yedlin flashes back to being in Hawaii with his wife and their suitcase. She is saying she isn’t hungry. He and his wife are arguing over her success. She tells him he just has to accept it.

While in his room, Dr. Yedlin tries the window but he can’t get it to open. One of the rebels, Xander, comes to get the doctor and says it’s OK. I’m here to get you out of here.

Xander is leading Dr. Yedlin through some halls and asking if Kate said something to him. Dr. Yedlin says he wants to go home. Xander says he is home and that he is going to want to see this. The townspeople are gathering in the streets. Jason welcomes everyone to Main Street. He says he knows some people disagree with what has been happening in Wayward Pines. He knows he is not the leader they want but the rebellion has to end. He says the survival of this town is the one thing they can all agree on. He says he would like to announce a general amnesty for anyone who comes forward. Jason wants everyone to come together and make Wayward Pines whole again. He says if you give yourselves up now there will be no more need for bloodshed. Megan is there. No one comes forward. He tells Kerry he tried.

The police go to a black van and lead out three people and march them up to the stage. He says he is doing what David Pilcher would have wanted and what is best for Wayward Pines. They shoot the mother in the back of the head.

Dr. Yedlin’s wife walks up to him. They are about to shoot the second person when Ben steps forward. Over the loud speakers they announce the rebellion is over and that people should work hard, be happy, and enjoy their life in Wayward Pines.

Dr. Yedlin’s wife is glad he is safe. He tells her she needs to leave right now and it’s not safe here. Simeon says Jason would like to speak to him now. Rebecca says she will wait for him.

Dr. Yedlin meets with Jason who says he hopes he will come up to the mountain with him and share a meal with him. Dr.  Yedlin says I want you to tell me everything that is happening here. Jason says he will. Just get in the car.

Xander, Ben, & Dr. Yedlin are placed in a car. Kerry says to some of the police that they were going to put Dr. Yedlin back to sleep but the men say they need him.

In Kate’s hospital room, Megan, now in a wheelchair, tells Kate the rebellion is over and that everyone needs to move forward for the good of Wayward Pines. Kate asks Megan why she is there. Megan says Jason sent her. Kate says they can’t talk about the past but they can talk about the future. Megan says she and Kate can work together. She just knows it. Kate says, me too. It’s time to let go. Megan is happy to hear that and then says your pain medication is getting low. Kate leaps out of the bed, attacks Megan, throws her to the floor, and holds a knife to Megan’s throat. Megan says you just can’t find a way to get along, can you. Kate says we’ve done so many great things, the pyramid, the man on the moon, the Beatles. We were capable of so much but now it’s your world, your future and I don’t want any part of it. Kate slices her own throat and falls to the floor. Oh no! Megan is splattered with Kate’s blood and is lying on the floor as she is paralyzed.

Simeon has taken Dr. Yedlin, Ben, & Xander up to the mountain top where the headquarters is. Then he crashes the car into a tree. Why, I don’t know.

Back in the city all the lights in the houses turn on. A phone is ringing in Kate’s room as she is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. You can see tracks out of Kate’s room. Megan must have gotten back in her wheelchair and left.

Dr. Yedlin wakes up in the car to see an abbie try to break into the car. A bunch of abbies come out of the forest and attack the wall. Dr. Yedlin watches. That is the end of the first episode of season 2. What did you think? I thought the episode was a little confusing with all the new characters and trying to figure out who was who. I was sad to see Kate kill herself. It was good to see Ben.