Chicago PD (S3E23): “Start Digging”


Voight’s violence comes back in the season finale. So much so even the other police officers are disturbed by him pressing a man’s face to a hot stove top, among other things. He even pinned a gunshot on a bystander. Lindsay is highly concerned throughout the entire episode. She knows Voight is out of control.

It’s wonderful to see the continued friendship between Lindsay and Burgess, especially during such difficult times. The actresses did a wonderful job during this scene.
Things get more emotional for Lindsay as she realizes why Voight has sent the rest of District 21 to a false location. I liked the scene when Erin confronts Voight. I’m not sure if I liked that she left. I know she probably saw the darkness in his eyes and knew there was nothing left to do, but Voight’s character – though rule breaking – shouldn’t have killed the criminal. It didn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel right. And I don’t like the fact Roman is leaving. Or how easy it was for he and Burgess to separate because even though they both wanted the same thing, it should have been more emotional.
It will be hard to wait for season four to discover how our favorite cops’ lives change. So many new opportunities and plot lines were suggested in this finale. Chicago PD, as a series, is developing into its own show and straying from other crime shows, which is fantastic. Hopefully season’s four developments will allow for a continued reign on NBC.
What were your reactions to last nights shocking finale? Predictions for the next season?