Game of Thrones: (S06E06) ‘Blood of My Blood’

After last week’s amazing and very informative episode of Game of Thrones, I expected this week’s to be a bit more played down and slower than the rest. The show has still been quite fast forward and some major bold moves were made in Kings Landing. We finally get a hint as to what the Faith intend to accomplish.

We also see Riverrun for the first time and meet Sam’s family. Nothing surprising happened over there and I found that storyline really predictable. I did like Arya’s story this time, even though I fear for her safety. It seems the Stark and Tully families are taking a much bigger role this season. This is solidified when Edmund Tully, the brother of Catelym Stark, returns as well as Benjen Stark. This was a much welcomed sight since many have wondered about these characters. This really helps us realize the show runners  are preparing for an end or a neater plotline.

The ending was huge as always wen it comes to Khaleesi. We’ve seen her obtain armies, get respect and break boundaries always swearing in a big scene that she will take the seven kingdoms. Part of me just wants the speeches to end. But I understand why the speech was needed, mainly to relate to the events at the IronBorn islands. Great episode but not one of the strongest. Eager to see what happens next.