The Detour: (S01E09 & 10) “The Track & The Beach” [Seaon Finale]

A two episode finally was exactly what we needed to see the end of the story of Nate. It was quite an unusual ending I should say because in a way the whole season was nothing related to why the cops were investigating yet they managed to keep us entertained.

In the first part, Nate is still trying to track down his boss and there is a flashback to the first time the boss spoke with his huge play to entertain them. But this time around the boss didn’t show up for the convention and was at the race track.

Leaving their kids in the resort after some compelling arguments they had, they went to the tracks to get to the boss.

There were plenty of jokes like how Robin walked backwards but Nate wasn’t allowed when he tried, or when the whole tall models getting texted for Robin. But the best part was seeing Nate and the old lady.

In addition, Delilah got her heart kinda broken when she saw some girls who her boyfriend used to like her pictures on Instagram. In my opinion, it was to show how teenagers are these days with the addition of Delilah constantly being on the phone texting to her boyfriend in the second part, but the funny part which can also be true is that her mom said I didn’t know she has a boyfriend indicating that parents these days aren’t too connected with their children.

It turns out the product was for door knobs literally and his boss wasn’t calling the customers door knobs. Nate got saved a huge deal of humiliation as another ‘journalist’ who looked stoned walked in to protest about it. 

To show the end they chose the beach, a refreshing site with a beautiful view. But it wasn’t exactly that for Delilah’s boyfriend, something which some guys might want to look at 😂

However the biggest shocker came, when the cop said that she was interested in Robin who had various names (aliases) and asked how is that for a cliffhanger which made it kind of nice and different from what we usually see.

As always there is a sucker for a good story in any police force and the whole season happened because the cops were having fun in the story.

So thank you cops, and see you next seas one. It was amazing and a great addition to the comedy series that already exist.