X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

With this being another sequel/the 3rd film to the X-Men reboot franchise, I would have to say that this film had a lot of expectations to live up to. And it almost lived up to all of them, there were some major disappointments with this film but I will get to that in a little bit, first off if you haven’t seen the films X-Men First Class or X-Men Days of Future Past get the hell off of this review and watch those two first! Then go watch this film and read the review…The film I am reviewing today is X-Men Apocalypse!

In the film we are taken back to 3,600 AC (I think it said I could be wrong) when the first mutant walked the earth as a “God” we are introduced to the first Apocalypse of the film who seems not to be doing quite well. Because the dude was dying; so Old Dying Apocalypse (Berdj Garabedian) tells his loyal horsemen War (Fraser Aitechson), Famine (Rochelle Okoye), Pestilence (Warren Scherer), and Death (Monique Ganderton) to Old Dying Apocalypse as his consciousness is transfered to his new body En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac). However things go wrong, the followers betray the trust of the one they worship and try disrupting the transference but his loyal horsemen all take a chance at protecting their master. War is the first horsemen to die while protecting their master, following Death and Pestilence afterwards. When the transference is complete the chamber starts collapsing but takes the body of the new Apocalypse thousands of feet underground to protect it from harm, Famine follows and protects the body by using her ability of cocooning the body from any debris of the collapsing chamber. As Famine falls to the end she uses the last of her will power to hold on to life as she continues to cocoon the new Apocalypse from the debris, but the debris slams on top of her killing her but not before the job was done and the new Apocalypse was protected but put into a deep sleep that would not be disturbed.

The film then goes into the present where we are taken to Berlin where Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is entering into a fight club for mutants. The fight just ends with The Blob (Giant Gustav Claude Ouimet) is defeated by Angel (Ben Hardy) and they are about to introduce the new fight contestant which ends up being Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), the two mutants have their fight but ends up having Angel electrifying his right wing on the electrified arena/fence. Mystique then shuts down the electrified arena and Nightcrawler and Mystique escape and so does Angel. We are then taken to a high school in New York where we meet a young Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) having some major eye pain. He requests to go to the bathroom after getting talked to by a bully, Scott goes to the bathroom where the jock thinks he’s crying but really hes trying to to blow an entire hole in the bathroom with his eyes. The bully/jock then forces him to use his ability blasting the door and the jock down on the bathroom then Scott blasts an entire streak hole through part of the High School. The Summers family asks Alex Summers (Lucas Till) to come to the house to help his little brother Scott. The two brothers go for a drive to upstate New York to a location known as Xavier’s School for the Gifted. The brothers are met by Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Hank is pleased to see Alex since it has been years since the two have seen each other. The three of them then start to go see the Professor when Scott accidentally bumps into Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) she demands for Scott to watch where he’s going till she sees that he can’t see. Alex, Scott, and Hank then  go to one of the classrooms where they are met by Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy). The professor then has Scott come outside to perform his abilities, asking him to shoot at the archery target but Scott then unleashes to full power attack not just on the archery target but also splitting in half Charles’s favorite tree on the estate.

We are then taken to Egypt where we see once again Agent Moira Mactaggart (Rose Byrne) of the CIA, where she is undercover and witnesses a ritual happening underground awakening Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) from his long slumber. The underground passage collapses but Moira escaped, the cult on the other hand did not escape, but Apocalypse releases a shockwave that trembles the entire Earth. Meanwhile at the Xavier School, Jean has a nightmare about the end of the world, the professor tries waking Jean from the nightmare but ends up taking a glimpse of the nightmare seeing the end of the world with nothing left but Apocalypse. Charles then assures Jean that its just a nightmare and nothing more. Back in Egypt, Apocalypse tries to understand this strange place that he is now walking among. Apocalypse sees Ororo Munroe/Storm (Alexandra Shipp) organize a thieving plan where she steals some food from one of the markets. The owners of the market catches her but then Apocalypse gives a demonstration of his abilities and intrigues Storm, so she takes him in and he then learns about everything that has happened within the last centuries while he has been sleeping. Apocalypse then helps Storm unleash her full potential and turns her into his first Horsemen.

We are then taken to Poland, where we see Eric/Magneto (Micheal Fassbender) is working at a metal warehouse. His shift is over and he goes back home to his wife, she asks him if today was a good day and it was. Eric or Henryk is what he calls himself now goes up to his daughter Nina (T.J. McGibbon) and sings her a song to go to bed. She asks him, where his parents where. He tells her that his parents where taken from him a long long time ago. So Nina asks Henryk/Eric/Magneto if he will be taken from her, but he assures her that it will never happen. One day there is almost an accident at the plant/warehouse or whatever it is; forcing Henryk to use his abilities which scares everyone. The police then catch Henryk trying to run and give him an offer, turn himself in and he gets his daughter back. So Henryk/Eric/Magneto told Nina that everything was going to be okay; but Nina didn’t want her father taken away from her so she uses her ability that she can’t control yet to summon a thousand crows to attack the police but one of the officers accidentally releases an arrow which goes through Nina and Eric’s wife killing them both. With Magneto in a complete rage he kills every police officer with his locket of his mother and father.

We are then taken back to Mystique with Nightcrawler in Berlin wanting to get out of Berlin in an illegal way. So Caliban (Tomas Lemarquis) arranges the papers but always wishes that Mystique would reconsider doing more jobs for Caliban (which its creepy that he mentions himself in third person throughout all of his scenes) and then Mystique is reminded why she doesn’t do anymore jobs for Caliban when Psylocke (Olivia Munn) comes out. But when Mystique hears about what happened to Eric/Magneto and she gets worried, she demands Nightcrawler to take her to an important place and that place is Xavier’s school.

We are taken back to Caliban but with Storm/The First New Horseman and Apocalypse demanding Caliban to help him find the strongest mutants but when Caliban is beginning to refuse Psylocke comes out to protect her master. But Apocalypse sees true devotion and loyalty in Psylocke and gives her an offer, come with him and unleash her true power or stay as a slave. So Psylocke gives Apocalypse information in where to find the next 2 strongest mutants she knows and Apocalypse turns her into The Second New Horseman! Apocalypse then turns Angel into the The Third New Horseman/Archangel, and after helping Magneto killing everyone at the Poland plant/warehouse Apocalypse then turns Magneto into his Fourth New Horseman. After Magneto unleashes his true power the five villains then meet up but are interrupted by Magneto talking with what seems like no one there but in reality there is. Which brings us to back up a bit, Nightcrawler took Mystique to Xavier’s School where she is met up with Xavier, Beast, Alex, and Agent Moira. While Nightcrawler hangs with his new friends Jean, Scott and Jubilee (Lana Condor) watching Star Wars Episode 6 The Return of the Jedi! At the School, Xavier uses his cerebro to find Magneto, which now brings us to Magneto and Xavier having a little chat there now your caught up in how the villains where interrupted. Apocalypse senses Xavier’s power and taps into it through cerebro forcing Apocalypse to take control of cerebro. Xavier is infused with so much power, Beast tells Alex (Lucas Till) to wreak havoc on cerebro which forces Xavier to go unconscious; the team takes him out of cerebro when they are met by Apocalypse and the new horsemen.

Meanwhile in a sad man’s mothers basement, Quicksilver (Evan Peters) learns about Magneto’s recent happenings in Poland. Where he is conflicted to wither go to Xavier for help or stay in his mom’s basement. His mother convinces him to go and help his father, so he runs to Xavier’s School. Meanwhile at Xavier’s School, Apocalypse kidnaps Xavier and as Apocalypse is escaping with Xavier, Alex accidentally sets off an explosion killing him but before the whole school can explode, Quicksilver comes to the rescue saving all the students while listening to ‘Sweet Dreams of Made of These’ on his cassette player; he even saves Pizza Dog (Tauntaun) [which by the way was one of the most hilarious scenes ever]. Will the X-Men save Professor Xavier, or will Apocalypse destroy the entire world? Find out by watching the film!

Honestly, there were awesome action scenes, awesome visual effects, and some hilarious scenes! However like how I said before that there were some major disappointments in this film, so lets go there first. The first major disappointment that I had was the origin story of Storm; everyone who has read comics knows that Storms origin is based on Africa not Egypt and I was hugely disappointed that they did that big change to her culture because it changes everything about the character. Like the African accent, the understanding of weather and how Storm became one with her abilities. The next disappointment I had was the actress for Storm which is Alexandra Shipp her acting was horrible. She did a great job staying with the accent but my main problem with her acting was that she was way too stiff. When she was using Storms ability to conjure lightning she looked like a freakin robot with practically no movement. Her posture was absolutely horrible in any position that she was in her entire performance was just way too stiff and thats what made me not really feel this actress for Storm. My next disappointment was they introduced Jean’s other personality aka The Phoenix way too soon. It would’ve been way better if they would’ve introduced The Phoenix in the next film but instead they introduced The Phoenix and her power for the final battle in this film which was a big mistake. And heres why its such a big mistake, The Phoenix story arc is one of the most famous and absolutely best story arcs in the X-Men comics. Its had some of the best stories throughout the years. By introducing the Phoenix in this film it rushes the story arc of the Phoenix which is bad because they need to nudge into the story arc not rush it to make it possibly the next film. If they nudge into the Phoenix story arc slowly which is what they tried doing the first time around with the very first X-Men movies but failed miserably. And I feel like with them now rushing into the Phoenix story arc they are going to make the same mistake and make it a horrible movie again. Because no matter how much visual effects you throw into a movie, you can not make it awesome with just the visual effects. You need so much more with amazing acting and huge commitment in polishing those effects. And I feel like if they do and thats a big if, if they do the next film as the Phoenix story arc then they are going to have to cram so much into another movie like how they did with this one. Now that I’ve had my huge rant of my disappointments I will go positive now; the positive side is that Bryan Singer did it again with the Quicksilver slow motion scenes which in Days of Future Past that scene was the best scene ever and in this film by doing it again they had to crank it up a lot. So in X-Men Apocalypse thats what Bryan Singer did he cranked it up a huge notch for the slow motion scene which was just hilarious, but what made it especially hilarious was seeing that there was a dog eating pizza, and when Quicksilver ran with Pizza Dog with the piece of pizza in its mouth that scene just cracked me up a whole lot! Another positive note was that the story for Apocalypse was good, but I do feel like they did try to cram in way too many origin stories in one movie.

My rating for this film would have to be: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars (sorry comic nerds but its my decision) If it wasn’t for so many flaws within this film it could’ve been a lot more better, their main fall back was cramming in so many origin stories for so many heroes and villains it was the wrong call to make for this film.

X-Men Apocalypse is now out in theaters!