Wayward Pines: (S02E02) “Blood Harvest”


The episode begins with Megan’s voiceover: In the year 4032, abbies rule the earth. David Pilcher had chosen a certain few to carry on humanity in a town walled called Wayward Pines. Then some events of last week are reviewed such as Megan’s reminder for clear rules with severe punishments and Ben’s, Theo’s, and Xander’s car crashing into a tree outside the wall.

The new episode shows David Pilcher speaking on film to the first generation about choosing the brightest and best of humanity such as doctors and law men. Then Megan switches the screen to show the abbies crashing into the wall. Megan looks confused.

Kerry and Jason see this and tell the security people to cut off the feed. Rebecca is there with Megan and tells them to turn the feed back on as her husband is out there.

The abbie’s bodies are piling up outside the wall. Kerry and Jason are there shooting abbies along with a whole security team. Kerry gets shot and Jason calls for a medic. He carries her to a jeep and they head for town.  Dr. Yedlin appears out of the forest.

A young doctor is telling Jason that they have stabilized Kerry but he doesn’t have the experience for this sort of thing. Jason is on a walkie talkie asking them to find Dr. Yedlin. Yes, suddenly they need Dr. Yedlin. He is in a jeep on the way back to the city with soldiers shooting at abbies all around them. Dr. Yedlin wants Jason to answer some questions when he gets to the hospital. Jason says no, you need to help Kerry right now. Dr. Yedlin says you are going to bring me my wife Rebecca and tell me everything that is going on right now.

A soldier brings Rebecca to Dr. Yedlin. Jason wants Dr. Yedlin to work on Kerry. Dr. Yedlin says no. I want to know where we are, what that fence is for, what those creatures are, and what a young person like him is doing in charge. Jason answers saying it is 4028. You were kidnapped in Hawaii. This is all that is left of humanity. Dr. Yedlin gets upset and goes for Jason. Rebecca calms down her husband and tells him to go save Kerry.

The next scene shows Kerry and Jason talking. She is worried about the harvest. Jason says not to worry about anything. Kerry wants to thank Dr. Yedlin. Jason says no need to thank him. He was just doing his job, barely.

Next, you see Dr. Yedlin and Rebecca walk up to their house. Their name is on the mailbox. Theresa Burke is looking on from a nearby house. Dr. Yedlin asks who lives here. Rebecca doesn’t answer but she talks about rations and now that there are two of them they will get double the rations. She says when you wake up out of the cryogenic box it is difficult to know what to believe. Rebecca says she has grown to accept Wayward Pines. She says she has been here three years. She says she lives here. Hmmm…

Djimon Honsou, C.J., is looking at the crops and they are destroyed. Mario asks him if he is coming to the meeting. He says no, not if it is about the wall. Jason says he wants to harvest the crops. C.J. says they must as it hasn’t been done because of the rebellion. C.J. says they planted outside the fence because the chemicals in the dirt had changed inside the fence.

Dr. Yedlin and Rebecca are talking and he says I saw you in Hawaii three days ago. How could you have been here for three years? He asks if they really were in Hawaii and if they are really married. She says yes. He thinks he is hallucinating. She slaps him then kisses him asking if that still feels like a hallucination. She says “Theo, you are alive.” Someone knocks on the door and Rebecca says they have to answer. It is someone named Nancy and her son. He can’t catch his breath and something hurts. Rebecca says things have been really crazy. Nancy says she heard there is a doctor in town again and asks Theo if he will help them. So Theo isn’t going to get all his answers right away.

Over the speakers a voice announces that the sun has risen on Wayward Pines. Meanwhile Theo is walking to the hospital where he has an office with his name on the door. LOL! All of his university degrees are on the wall. LOL! This is hilarious. He looks around and sees a picture of David Pilcher on the wall. He takes it down and puts it in the garbage. LOL! Arlene comes in and says she is the receptionist at the hospital and introduces herself and says she is here to help him with all of her medical needs. She admits to getting a treatment the other day. She says she needs a treatment to even her out. She had been receiving electric shock treatments. The other young male “doctors” tell Theo they have several patients to see.

The next day Rebecca unlocks one of the businesses and walks in. It is a beauty shop. Theresa comes in and says she thinks Ben is outside the fence. She asks how that can be. He is first generation. Theresa says it is possible then that Ben is alive since her husband Theo is alive. Theresa asks Rebecca to have her husband come talk to her about getting Ben back. Theresa says she knows Rebecca has lost people too but she just now got someone back so please help.

Megan is teaching the first generation and she has a dead abbie lying on the table. She says the only good abbie is a dead abbie. She says the more they learn the better chance they have to fight the abbies. She says she is now in charge of research on the abbies and not at the school the way she used to be. One of the first generation expresses doubt. Megan says as long as they stay unified they will be fine and safe.

Dr. Yedlin is checking Nancy’s son. He says her son is malnourished. Nancy says she gives him all the rations. Dr. Yedlin asks about multivitamins. The other young doctors say only certain people qualify for them and they do not answer Dr. Yedlin’s question about who qualifies.

Jason comes in to talk to Dr. Yedlin and is glad he is at work and that he has to train the residents. Jason tells Dr. Yedlin not to tell him how to run things. He asks Jason about Kerry. Jason doesn’t answer. Dr. Yedlin says you can tell me all the stories you want about this place but I refuse to accept this is a dictatorship. Jason tells Dr. Yedlin to watch his tone. LOL. A young man saying this to an experienced doctor. Dr. Yedlin says maybe I can’t do your job but you sure can’t do mine. Good one Doc.

Jason and Kerry are talking. Jason says he doesn’t want to take suggestions from Dr. Yedlin. Kerry says he is a small town doctor and this is a small town and people look to him for answers. Kerry says Jason needs to control him. Jason says only one person can be in charge otherwise everything will fall apart. I don’t know if I agree with that. Jason says Theo isn’t worth it and that he should have never brought him out. Kerry says and then I would be dead. Kerry says this town needs Theo and that he is necessary to the survival of this town. Jason says he knows.

Theo is walking around town and approaches the beauty shop. A young woman stops him and says hello. She says Rebecca left about an hour ago. She introduces herself as Lucy. Theo goes home and there is Rebecca. Theo says no longer an architect, huh? She is a beautician now. She says that is what she was told to do. She says to survive you do what they tell you to do. Theo talks about seeing an ice cream shop called McConagoul’s and wasn’t that the name of her favorite professor and asks if Rebecca if had anything to do with that. Rebecca says not to be paranoid. She says it burned down two years ago and they asked her to rename it and that is all there is too it. Hmmm…what if she was married to someone else during part of her time in Wayward Pines?

C.J. is talking to a group about a plan to get the food outside the walls. A convoy of jeeps goes out after dark. Um…I don’t think that is a good idea. The soldiers are actually setting fire to the abbies. There is a cornfield. C.J. looks horrified. Eventually they announce the fields are cleared. Corn fields, huh? Does anyone else remember the Children of the Corn movies? LOL! The soldiers are gathering the corn. Ben is hiding out there. One of the soldiers sees him. Ben says he is first generation, you can’t just leave me here to die but apparently that is what they do. Ben tries to run after the jeeps to get back inside the city but he isn’t fast enough. He speaks to the camera outside the wall saying he is Ben Burke and this may be his last message. He says he wants to apologize to his mom and that his dad taught him to fight for what he believes in. Ben said he wanted to make her proud and do what was best for Wayward Pines. He says Jason you know it was a mistake to leave me outside the wall. David Pilcher says that no first generation is supposed to harm another first generation and he hopes people see this message to learn the kind of leader Jason really is.

There are truckloads of food coming into the city. The people are happy. Theresa is talking to Mario and some of the other first generation leaders about going to get her son Ben. Mario says they are just following orders. Theresa asks how he can let Jason do something like this. She demands someone do something. One of the soldiers escorts her away. One of the first generation people says Theresa is right. They should ask Jason. Mario says no, Jason will just say no.

Theo is checking Kerry. She says she is fine and should get back to work. Theo tells one of the residents to get out. Theo asks Kerry if she feels any pain. Kerry brushes it off saying she knows what pain is. Kerry says Jason does what David Pilcher would have wanted and he does what is right. Theo says he wants to know how things work here. Kerry says make this hospital work and leave the rest to us.

Jason and Kerry are eating supper at home. Are they married or just dating? Jason says she should eat. Kerry says she is trying. Jason says tonight the people of Wayward Pines are eating real food. The fence is repaired. Jason is trying to reassure Kerry. Kerry tells Jason that Ben is first generation and should not be harmed. Jason says Ben really isn’t first generation. I suppose Jason says that because Ben wasn’t born in Wayward Pines. Kerry says she isn’t either. Jason says that is different. She is loyal. I don’t know what that means that she really isn’t first generation.

Ben is still wandering around the cornfields. He thinks Xander is out there with him and calls after Xander. Theresa is yelling at the guards in front of her house asking where Ben is. They are ignoring her. Meanwhile some abbies appear in the cornfield and appear to attack Ben. Is this the end of Ben?

At Rebecca and Theo’s house Rebecca is chopping vegetables for dinner. Theo is muttering about how his day went. Rebecca says in your residency you did a bit of everything. You will get it back. I see they are drinking white wine though. There is still wine. Rebecca says when she woke up here; she thought Theo was dead but here he is now sitting with her alive. She is happy about it. She says that is as far as she can go for now. I am curious about what happened to Rebecca in those three years.

Jason is looking at security footage. Kerry comes in. This is David Pilcher’s old office. He tells her to look. Jason says he has checked all the cameras and hasn’t seen an abbie and says they are gone. At just that moment, you can see an abbie roar outside the city walls. That is the end of the episode.

Well, we have some mysteries to explore with Rebecca. Hopefully we will continue to learn more about her. Hopefully Ben survives and gets back inside the city. We still haven’t seen Amy. She was the girl from season one that Megan sort of shoved at Ben. What theories or questions do you have at this point? I would love to hear from you.