UnReal: (S02E01) “War” [Premiere]

Remember that show which showed how messy reality tv can be. A look at the way things work. Well it’s back and it’s tackling very serious issues.

TV shows are made to generate money, the saying ‘Bad publicity is still publicity’ is very true in their case. They actually try to create as much of this as possible to increase their reputation and make people interested in it.

And it all begins by using a black suitor, first one in 14 seasons and you can imagine how much of a controversy that already creates. Add white girls to the mix as they put it on the show it will bring viewers. 

The whole idea of this season is to use the race and gender issue. They brought a black activist as a candidate, there are many white girls and all these actually play a huge role in the money making business. 

The viewers pick those they relate to, if you are black you will root of the black one to win, it’s natural and that is what they go for like in this case.

The story isn’t shallow either, Rachel who was blackmailed into becoming the show runner is sidelined again as a very think Chet has returned. You might be surprised how thin he got he can actually be on those advertisements of before and after 😂

He is back for his kingdom, and he showed that by taking Darius the suitor away. 

What this season entails is the race and gender issue. A huge war between producers inside. But the most hilarious part was how there is a hotter Rachel who is kind and seer something which Rachel lost since she got her promotion.

The last important aspect to mention is how they don’t care about feelings to get ratings. They grilled her about her boyfriend even to the extent of asking ‘You killed her?’ Which is extreme.

To conclude this will be one hell of a season. And you can already tell as it has been renewed for a third season already.