Keanu (2016)

Remember the movie where there was a dog who was murdered and the man got revenge it was called John Wick? 

Well this one is Keanu and all about a cat. But this time the cat was taken from a gang by this two guys and he runs away from them to Rell who had lost his girlfriend too. 

One night, Rell goes with his best friend Clarence to hang out and when they return Rell’s house was broken into and Keanu was gone. 

Going to his weed seller, he tells them a guy called Cheddar might have taken it after being blackmailed for his music collection being destroyed. 

Going to Cheddar, they turn gangster and he mistakens them for this gangsters who caused hell in a church. They went with the flow and were told to give some drugs to a client in return for the cat.

Going to the house, it was Anna Faris and things went out of control, and they escaped quickly then went back to Ched for the cat to only be given another job or they don’t get the cat. 

Clarence got all caught up in the moment and began threatening them to only get silenced by a gun. By they got an opportunity and stole the cat and ran away but those two guys at the start found them and took them to an empty warehouse. 

Things went from worse to good as Keanu helped Rell out of the rope he was tied with and he got a gun. Clarence too got a gun and they shot the two guys up. Leaving the building Cheddar was there waiting. They also found the weed dealer who lived near Rell’s house and pinned the cat stealing on him. Cheddar ordered to kill him but Rell couldn’t and they got caught in their act. 

Cheddar took the two of them to the head of the cartel who was the cousin of the two guys they shot and he was rewarded with tons of money but things escalated when the cartel guy wanted the cat back. A gun fight started and it ended with Rell being shot in the leg after doing a backflip on the wall. But he managed to get in the car with the cartel guy and they were driving and Rell never had a license and it was funny. Clarence went in another car and they reached to his house where he hit the cartel dude, but that want enough to keep him down as Cheddar reached ther and shot him. 

Turns out that the lady of the crew was an undercover cop. 

All in all it was a very hilarious movie, the part of how Clarnece managed to convince a gangster group that his music is gangster too was hilarious. It was worth a shot and I would recommend watching it.