The Do-Over (2016) 

This movie didn’t have the best of jokes, Adam Sandler hasn’t done a good comedy so far the best one was where he did in South Africa. 

This one had the plot of him taking an identity of another person he found at the morgue and also gives one to his old high school friend. 

Because his friend was having a troubling life, same job as a manager of a bank where he sits in a supermarket and most of the time has to help out those who are looking for items in the store. And his wife was so not into him and had twins that hated him. 

Both of them go on using another identity, and turns out that the identity they used was the one of the ones who were looking at the formula to make a medicine to ute cancer. 

Not telling his friend, they end up getting attacked and they also end up at the wife of the person his friend had an identity of. 

Their story goes on, and finally turns out the wife murdered them.

Not a very good movie, it had it’s moments but wouldn’t recommend watching it as it was long and kind of lacking a solid plot.