Wayward Pines: (S02E03) “Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines”


Wayward Pines begins with Pam’s voice telling about Wayward Pines. She put a baby in one of the boxes. His name is Jason Higgins. She said he was too young to know just how special he was. This Jason is now the leader of Wayward Pines so we have a little more insight into Jason. Remember, Pam was David Pilcher’s sister and she shot him in the last episode of season 1.

Now there are police outside the walls in the forest with their guns. They report that all is quiet. They see a deer. I didn’t know that any other animals had survived. This is great!

At the hospital, Arlene tells Theo that the abbies are gone. He asks her if she really believes it. She says they have to or they will go crazy. She asks if he wants to go for a celebratory drink after work. He just holds up his wedding ring. She says what happens in Wayward Pines stays in Wayward Pines. LOL!

Now Jason says to Kerry that they could try sending people outside of the walls to see what happens. Kerry says that’s not a good idea and they may have killed a first generation, Ben.
Theo tells Rebecca that they say the abbies are gone. He says that he hears that Jason is special. He wants to know why. Rebecca tells him to stop asking questions. He says it’s not that easy.

Jason and Kerry are in bed and they are kissing. They hear something downstairs. Jason tells Kerry to stay in bed while he goes downstairs with a gun. Simeon, one of the police, and Pam are there. Pam smiles big and says “Hello Jason.” So Pam has returned.

We hear Pam’s voice saying that Jason was the firstborn of Wayward Pines and he was raised by Pam and David who taught him all about Wayward Pines and they raised him with love. They show scenes of him as a youngster with Pam teaching him about the residents. C.J. comes in and says it’s a different world. He tells Jason it’s not natural what they do. Pam rebukes C.J. Pam tells Jason that he will know what to do.

Back to the present with Pam sitting in Jason’s kitchen. Jason is staring at Pam like he can’t believe his eyes. Jason tells Sergio that he can go. Pam tells Jason he is not getting enough sleep. She can always tell. He asks what she is doing there. They had an agreement. She was supposed to stay in her house and he would ignore her. Jason is mad that Pam killed David. Pam said that she studied what David wanted and watched Jason and all the difficult choices he had to make with the killings and with Ben. Pam asks Jason if he forgot the plans. Jason says he read David’s plans and they included planting outside the walls. Pam says she knows every step and wants to guide Jason. Jason asks how it would look. Pam says it would look like the evolution of a great leader.

The next thing we see is a group of policeman walking down the street led by Jason and Kerry. C.J. is there talking to Theo. C.J. tells Theo who Pam is as she is walking with Jason and Kerry. Jason says an old friend has rejoined them. He says some may know her as the mother of Wayward Pines. Jason says she was tried on that horrible day but now they must look ahead and expand beyond the fence of Wayward Pines and their future depends on a united front and he wants Pam beside him. He says he goes forth with forgiveness and so should they all. There is weak applause. Then they do the salute of the first generation. Theo looks on skeptically.

Pam returns to the hospital in her nurse uniform. Arlene says it is nice to have her back. The others look at Pam with mistrust. Pam tells Arlene they need to go for a drink sometime. Arlene says she needs to check her schedule. LOL!

Pam enters a room and Theo also enters. Pam tells Theo they met a long time ago but Theo doesn’t remember. Pam says she can teach Theo how they practice medicine in Wayward Pines. Pam tells Theo she hears he is back together with his wife and that must make things complicated for him and things might be difficult in bed after 2000 years. Then she says oh you haven’t consummated it yet. Theo asks why he was brought back from Hawaii as he doesn’t think it was to service his wife. Pam tells Theo Hawaii was not all about him. Pam says she has to get to work. She takes a syringe. Hmmm…What is Pam planning?

We hear Pam’s voice telling the story of Jason again. They were outside of Wayward Pines in the forest. There were other children there. Pam tells that Jason wanted to explore new land. Pam tells Jason to join his friends. Jason says they do not like him. Megan comes up and says Pam is right. The others are waiting for him. Megan says Sheriff Pope is bringing a new ice cream flavor just for him. Megan says to Jason “Feeling sorry for yourself on your birthday? I’ve felt that way myself.” She tells Jason that he can come to her anytime to talk about what he is thinking or feeling. Jason says he doesn’t want to be treated special. Megan says well you are. You are the son of Wayward Pines. He says so are the others. Megan says but you were the first. Megan says those kids are your friends and they will be standing in line behind him.

Back to the present. Megan is telling the first generation that exploratory steps are being taken into living outside of Wayward Pines. She says they need to start procreation. Some don’t look happy about it. Others do. Megan calls off the names of four girls to come with her into the hallway. She tells them to go see someone to learn about procreation.

Pam walks into headquarters past the guards. She assures them it will be all right. She enters David’s office. She remembers shooting him and she looks pained at the memory. She walks out of the office and goes to the area where the abbies are being held in cages. What is Pam planning? Megan wheels into the room while Pam is messing around with some vials of medicine or something. She takes one. Megan says I wasn’t aware we had an appointment. Pam says we don’t. Megan asks if Pam is allowed up here. Pam waves that concern off. She says to Megan that it is miraculous that she survived. Megan says it is. Now Megan spends her time studying the abbies searching for weak spots. Pam says Jason seems to trust Megan. Pam says she knows what her brother meant to Megan and she begs Megan to understand. Megan says she respects that but won’t welcome her home like a hero. Pam says you think I want to be congratulated? Megan says she won’t get forgiveness from her.

Next we see Rebecca in her beauty shop. Theo knocks and comes in. Rebecca smiles and tells him to come in. She gives him a haircut. Theo says to Rebecca that Pam was with them in Hawaii. Rebecca doesn’t say anything about that. Theo asks Rebecca where her wedding ring is. She says they never gave it to her. Theo says Pam also said that Hawaii wasn’t just about him.

Pam is out walking to an old house that must be hers. The kids have spray painted the word murderer on it and there is a dummy hanging from a tree in the front yard. Pam goes inside and finds a nice red dress. What is she planning? She has the syringe and the vial of medicine. Don’t tell me she plans to kill herself? She puts the medicine from the vial into the syringe. She looks out the window and sees Theo walking up to the house. Pam goes to the door and says she wasn’t expecting to see Theo way out here. Theo talks about needing more staff at the hospital. Pam asks if it can wait. Theo asks what it was like to beg for forgiveness from a child, Jason. Theo asks Pam why she shot her brother. She said he had given up. She asks if there is anything else. Theo asks about Hawaii and says he heard she was there. He asks about the selection process. He asks about guidelines for who they choose and why out of hundreds of doctors in Boston they chose him. He asks a random doctor and an architect? See, his wife Rebecca used to be an architect before she became a cosmetologist in Wayward Pines. Pam somehow gets Theo to leave. Pam goes back upstairs to the medicine. She injects herself. I think she really is going to kill herself.

Someone at the hospital is counting the vials and notices that one is missing. He tells Megan it is missing. Megan panics and says they are going to call Theo.

OMG. Jason is leading a meeting. Pam walks in and kisses Jason on the lips. What?!?! Theo and Megan walk in and tell everyone not to move and not to touch each other. What Pam took must be a poison. Megan says Pam took a small pox vial. Theo said she injected herself and she wants to kill all of us. Pam says Wayward Pines was supposed to be the savior of the human race but it’s not. She says this is how it ends. They argue about who killed whom. They mention Ben and David. Pam talks to C.J. about how he saw so much. Pam asks Jason to lead his people to a peaceful end. She wants him to have everybody injected and die. Jason tells the police to take her. Sergio leads Pam away.

Flashback to earlier. Jason tells Pam the rebellion is over. He asks Pam where David is. Pam cries. Jason talks about how he had to kill them on their knees. What he did was historic. Pam says no, that’s not what we wanted for you. Pam is crying and slaps him and says it is tragic to lose any of their small number. She says they should not celebrate the people he killed. She says there is no humanity in murder.

Heading back to today, Pam is in isolation. Jason asks Pam if she knew it would ever come to this. He asks if Pam always knew it would end like this. Pam says Jason is her son and she raised him to be as tenacious as she is. She says she won’t stop. She will find a way. She wants Jason to lead the town to infect themselves with smallpox. Jason cries. Theo tells Jason she didn’t infect anyone and that she is still in the incubation period. Jason says Theo is a hero. Theo says they can deliver the antidote now. Jason says that’s not his decision to make. Well, if Pam really is Jason’s mother, who is his father? Hopefully not her brother David. Ewww…

We see Jason and Pam in the woods. Pam tells Jason a story like she used to do when he was little. Jason chokes Pam to death. He cries.

Next we see Jason enter his house. Kerry is waiting for him and asks if it is done. Jason says something about the first group. Kerry asks if he wants to talk about what happened. Jason says nothing but goes to sit down in the other room.

Theo is sitting on the couch in his house and Rebecca comes to sit by him. She asks if he is OK. Jason says no. He says he keeps looking for his watch, as if time means anything here. Theo says he never got a gift from his father but when his mom died, after the service; his father gave him his retirement watch from the docks. They never even had a beer together until that time and then they met every Thursday at 5:30. Theo wonders what his dad did the first time Theo didn’t show up. Did his dad call the cops? Rebecca cries.

Two people dressed in gas masks throw a body in a bag on a fire. I can only assume it is Pam’s body. C.J. comes out of the dark to watch the body burn. That is the end. Tune in next Wednesday to see what happens now. What did you think of this episode? I would love to hear your comments. I found it interesting and mysterious.

Photo courtesy of TV Line.