Game of Thrones: (S06E08) ‘No One’

I expecting a lot from this weeks episode of Game of Thrones, presumably because last seasons episode eight ‘Hardhome’ was disgustingly epic. But that is not the case this season even though I loved the episode. From the opening scenes to the filler and useless scenes, I really enjoyed it. Notably Arya and her storyline, which took a very vital turn. I’m really excited to see her return home to Winterfell.

With Benjin, Bran, Jon, Sansa and Rickon already in the North – Arya would be a very welcomed arrival as well. But we all know that George is not a fan of happy endings, which is why next weeks epic ‘Battle of the Bastards’ fills me with so much fear. But things are all set in motion for the North and I can’t wait to see what happens.

The Hound was a great entertainer this week and I would like to see if he joins the Brotherhood as well. I’m also pleased to see Khaleesi return, her storyline hasn’t progressed much this season.