UnReal: (S02E02) “Insurgent”

Usually second episodes are just made to introduce more stories and make you get to know the season. But here they also added more twists and mind blowing moments.

Quin and Chet got into arguements as to how they should be running the show, and decided to do two versions and the show runner will be the one to choose one. However their arguements made Quin bench Rachel again and she got angry and went to the directors. 

She was hoping to be running it but then a new gets brought up. Let’s just say she is not going to be happy.

The in-house politics went on, Quin picked a trophy wife who was the daughter of the main competitor’s manager. She wants to get back to her father and manages to cause some trouble by going at it with Darius’s friend. 

Rachel manages to calm it down by threatening and blackmailing like she does always. 

As always, this was one hell of an episode!