Wynonna Earp: (S01E11) “Landslide”


The episode opens at the Earp house with Willa in a deep sleep. Wynonna, Waverly and Gus discuss how Willa will reintegrate with the family and town. Dolls delivers news that Willa’s DNA proves she’s an Earp sister. Suddenly, Willa wakes up from a nightmare. She’s scared and confused, because she doesn’t remember anything except her time in the cult. Wynonna explains the DNA test and welcomes her back to the family with a drink, because drinking is what Earps do.

Two men break into a building. Inside, two women appear to be held against their will but with no one guarding them. The men free the women, who turn out to be revenants with eyes that glow purple and have a succubus-like power to enthrall people. Safe to say, that’s the last we’ll see of those two guys.

Wynonna and Waverly show Willa around the house, hoping it will help bring back Willa’s memory. Willa decides to take a shower and undresses right in front of her sisters, behaviour that was apparently normal in the cult. Waverly leaves to see Nicole.

At Shorty’s Saloon, Bobo meets with the shady Judge Cryderman, who is making arrangements for six high-rollers to visit town for a “poker spectacular”. He gives Bobo some green crystals and leaves. Outside, he meets one of the high-rollers, Mr. Stokes, who has just arrived. Cryderman confirms that Stokes has brought cash then directs him to the town’s “most prestigious” hotel room, where a couple female revenants are waiting to seduce and kill him.

Wynonna takes Willa outside for target practice with Peacemaker, which triggers a flashback for Willa to when her dad was training her. Somehow this unlocks all of Willa’s childhood memories.

Doc’s car is stopped with the hood up at the edge of the Ghost River Triangle. A passer-by stops to see if he needs help. Doc tests whether he’s a revenant by getting him to walk past the Triangle boundary marker. Having passed the test, Doc accepts his help.

Waverly tells Willa about the funeral they held for her and their father. It triggers another Willa flashback to the night she was taken by the cult. Willa runs out of the house terrified with Waverly chasing after her.

Outside the building that the two guys broke into earlier, Dolls tells Wynonna they got a report of blood but no body at Stokes’ hotel room, and they’ve tracked Stokes’ smart watch to this location. He and Wynonna have on Black Badge flack jackets and prepare to take on whatever they may find. They split up after going inside, where Wynonna finds one of the female revenants feeding on Stokes’ body. The revenant tries to purple-eye seduce Wynonna but it doesn’t work so she runs before Wynonna can take a shot. Dolls finds the other revenant, who has more success seducing him. The other revenant shows up, and while they’re fighting over who gets Dolls, Wynonna sneaks up and knocks out one with a sledgehammer, and the other runs off. Wynonna slaps Dolls to wake him out of the trance, then shoots the knocked-out revenant with Peacemaker. They split up again, with Dolls being the first to find the survivor. She tries to purple-eye him, but he avoids eye contact, yet acts enthralled so she thinks she has control of him. He strings her along long enough for Wynonna to find them and shoot her. Waverly calls to let Wynonna know that Willa has run off.

The passer-by has fixed Doc’s car with a fan belt he conveniently had in his truck. He leads Doc into a strange conversation that feels like it has a deeper meaning than the words convey. Doc finds a badge in the man’s toolbox, and suddenly he’s gone from standing beside Doc to being back in his truck. He honks and motions for Doc to come over. Doc gets in the truck and confronts him about how he ended up with the deputy badge Wyatt gave to Doc. He introduces himself as Juan Carlo, tells Doc that he’s asking all the wrong questions, and that he’s part of a group that has a “vested interested” in the Ghost River Triangle. Juan cryptically explains that there’s only four days until “the door opens, and if it does, she will lose.” He says Doc has to choose between leaving town or “[facing] the darkness […] with Wynonna Earp at your side,” hinting that this will be Doc’s second chance at it.

The next day, Wynonna and Waverly walk through town, looking for Willa. They see a sign for half price drinks at Shorty’s Saloon, and Willa is an Earp, so obviously that’s where she went. Inside Shorty’s, they find Willa doing shots and fending off the advances of a regular. After Wynonna pulls her aside, he calls them whores and reveals he’s a revenant. Willa grabs Peacemaker from Wynonna’s holster and shoots him. Almost everyone in the bar runs for cover, except for a few bikers who start fighting the Earps (it’s not clear whether they’re revenants) and a guy who pulls out his phone and starts recording it. Waverly calls her sisters toward an exit and they get away safely.

Dolls joins the 3 sisters back at the Earp house. Willa doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Dolls explains that what human civilians think they saw was Willa shooting a random person in a bar. She questions whether his motives are in line with the Earp family business of taking down revenants. Wynonna takes offence and runs off to the barn. Dolls starts to follow, but Willa stops him and goes herself. She apologizes to Wynonna and they recall playing in the barn as kids. Waverly enters the barn and listens in but stays out of sight. For so long, she was Purgatory’s only Earp sister. Now, with Wynonna and Willa reconnecting and bonding, she seems to feel like the one that’s left out.

Bobo walks into Shorty’s to find the mess after the fight. He’s shown a video of the fight, which he pauses on a shot of Willa, and he realizes there’s now 3 Earp sisters in town.

In the Earp house, Dolls tells Waverly he thinks the judge is corrupt, that someone is providing the judge with secret Black Badge Division info, and that this isn’t just a “job” for Dolls, hinting that it’s more like his purpose in life. Waverly confesses that she’s still uneasy about Willa’s return. Dolls tries to put her at ease.

Heavily-armed masked mercenaries suddenly spray the Earp house with bullets, one of which grazes Waverly. The attackers don’t know Wynonna and Willa are in the barn though, so the 2 sisters grab nearby guns and catch them by surprise, causing the group to call off the siege. Willa runs after the one surviving attacker but he surprises her and pins her on the ground just outside the Earp property line. As he’s about to shoot her, Bobo appears and telekinetically pulls the gun from his hand, then stones the attacker to death. Wynonna finally catches up and takes aim at Bobo with Peacemaker, but Willa causes her to miss. As Bobo runs away, Willa explains to Wynonna that Bobo actually saved her. Back in the house, Wynonna patches up Waverly. Dolls comes in from checking the property with a photo that proves he was the mercenaries’ target.

Judge Cryderman is brought into Shorty’s by one of the revenants to answer to an angry Bobo. The judge tells Bobo he ordered the hit on Dolls because he thought it would accomplish what Bobo wanted. Realizing it’s clearly not what Bobo wanted, Cryderman begs for his life. Bobo lets him live, but gives him a new, seemingly much easier task – throwing a party.

Doc has car trouble on his way back into town. It breaks down at exactly the same spot he was stopped at earlier, by the Ghost River Triangle boundary marker. He gets out to investigate and mutters to himself that Juan wasn’t a good mechanic. Out of nowhere, a masked man hits Doc on the head, knocking him unconscious, and drags his body away from the road.