Wayward Pines: (S02E04) “Exit Strategy”


The action begins with Xander lying at the bottom of a well. He is yelling for help and for Ben. There are also caves. Xander climbs out. Well, he does until an abbie appears at the top of the well. Then Xander drops back down to the floor of the well and fights with the abbie. Xander actually kills the abbie by strangling it. Wow! He must be strong. Just to make sure the abbie is dead; he picks up a rock and crushes the abbie’s skull. Good idea. Then Xander is able to crawl out of the hole.

A voice comes over the city speakers in the morning saying it is a beautiful day and to make the most of it. Theo is out running. Megan is discussing with Kerry and Jason the number of pregnancies in the city. C.J. arrives thinking they were discussing the food supply. C.J. says as the population grows, we need more food. He says they need soil studies. Megan says she thought it was just about planting a couple extra rows of corn. LOL! Jason is on C.J.’s side. Megan says they should build things up inside Wayward Pines. Jason says no. If we don’t plant more food, we will die. Megan wants to stick with Pilcher’s plan but Jason says he needs to expand.

Xander takes a drink from a river. Is that water safe? Adam Hassler comes up to him and puts a hand on his mouth and a knife to his neck. Hassler has been out on a mission to see what is happening outside of Wayward Pines. Hassler asks Xander if he is from Wayward Pines. Xander says where else would I be from. Hassler asks if Pilcher sent him. Xander says no, Pilcher is dead and in case you can’t tell, I’m not one of your little creatures. Hassler asks who is in charge. Xander says Jason is. Xander says he woke up in a pit and asks if they put people in pits. Hassler says they do a lot of things. Xander asks what Hassler is doing outside of Wayward Pines. He says he was sent out by Pilcher to see if there were other survivors. Xander asks if there are any other survivors. Hassler says I found you.

Rebecca is working with a young girl in the beauty shop named Lucy and she must have just gotten her first period. She does not want to be paired up with a boy and have a child. Rebecca tries to comfort her but tells her she must go back.

Hassler asks Xander why he is outside of the city walls. Xander says he colored outside the lines. Hassler says it seems like a harsh punishment. Xander says he agrees but at least he is in the clear now. Hassler says he is going home. There is someone he has to see. I think he is talking about Theresa Burke.

Two cops are watching the security cameras and they notice a breach in the perimeter. It is of course Xander and Hassler and they say to open up the gates. They are met by a lot of police with guns however the police let them back in.

Theo is visiting with Adam Hassler. Theo asks him why he was out there and how far he went. Adam is slow in answering. Theo asks if they are alone. Adam says the abbies are their replacements. Adam is in pain. Theo tells Adam to lay back. Later Jason asks Theo how Adam is doing. Theo says he can’t tell him anything about Adam due to the Hippocratic Oath. Jason says some rules no longer apply. Jason explains to Theo that David had sent out Adam to see what was happening outside of Wayward Pines. Theo tells Jason to ask Adam himself. Theo tells Jason that he knows Pam Pilcher is dead. I am not sure how Theo knows that. Jason says he stays up at night worrying about the people and he has to make the tough choices, would you?

Adam is dreaming about fighting with an abbie. I think Adam got stabbed in the stomach. He is seeing things. He puts on his coat and looks at the door to his room and sees abbies there but there is no one there. He keeps having visions as he walks down the hall. Arlene tells Adam she pulled a few strings and secured a haircut, body wax, and manicure and pedicure. Adam keeps going down the hall. Arlene says perhaps at this juncture we should reschedule. LOL! Arlene is so funny.

Meanwhile at the school, the youngsters are putting on a production talking about the purpose of Wayward Pines. The older kids are watching in the audience. Lucy is in the audience clutching her stomach and she runs out. I don’t know where she thinks she can hide. She is outside leaning against the building. Everyone else is outside. Megan comes up to her and asks if everything is OK. She says she noticed Lucy has been taking extra bathroom breaks lately. Lucy says it was something she ate. A boy comes up to Lucy and Lucy says she thinks Megan knows. The boy says “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.”

Adam is walking through the crowd and he is still having visions of abbies. He goes down an alleyway and Theresa spots him and says “Adam? It is you.” Adam asks where Ethan is. Theresa says Ethan is gone and they just put Ben outside the fence. She asks Adam if he has seen Ben. Adam says he didn’t see Ben. Theresa accuses Adam of knowing about this place all along and knowing David Pilcher and being in on it. She is mad. She says her whole family is gone because of Adam and that they trusted him. He says nothing. She walks away. Just to refresh your memory, Adam and Ethan Burke used to work together when David Pilcher recruited Adam.

The next scene shows Kerry in a Humvee type vehicle looking at a book and Xander is in the book. Then Kerry and Xander are inside what appears to be a candy shop or coffee shop. Xander is working as if nothing has changed. Kerry says that Jason is still considering what to do with him. His survival makes him a bit of a hero. Xander says he won’t make any trouble. Kerry asks for how long? Until you run out of ice cream? So it’s an ice cream shop. Kerry asks if Adam helped him. Xander says “Did you look at Hassler? I helped him.” Xander says there is more to the abbies than what you think. He says he will make a report to Jason if she thinks that will help his position.

Adam is sitting on a bench on the street and everywhere he looks, he sees abbies. He is not doing well. Theresa is watching him from across the street.

Rebecca and Theo are talking and Theo tells Rebecca that abbies are their replacements. Theo also says now they are sending people outside the fence. Rebecca tells Theo they have to tell Jason.

Megan is enjoying some fudge in the ice cream shop. She is meeting with the young boy who was talking to Lucy. Megan says she asked him to meet her to remind him that he has to contribute. It turns out his name is Frank. She reminds him there are no secrets between members of the first generation and between the first generation and her. It turns out Frank and Lucy are brother and sister. Frank says Lucy is not ready. Megan says that is not his decision to make. Megan says Lucy is growing up and becoming a woman and that is something to be celebrated. Megan says Lucy has a chance to serve a higher purpose. Megan says I know you want to do what is best for her but now the two of you must do what is best for Wayward Pines. Surely Megan does not want brothers and sisters to have children together.

Theo is talking to C.J who is telling Theo it’s not about them. It’s about the ones they leave behind.

Rebecca and Lucy are watching some activity in the street. Xander waves at Rebecca. Theresa flags down one of the Humvees with C.J. in it. Theresa tells C.J. she wants to come with him and find her son. So Theresa tags along as a group of Humvees exits the city walls.

Rebecca enters the ice cream shop to talk to Xander. She asks if he is OK. He says well, I am still here. I guess that counts for something. Xander says I see your husband is awake or unfrozen, or whatever. Xander says he is clear. He has information on the abbies for Jason. Xander says he is just trying to stay alive. Rebecca says aren’t we all. Xander gives Rebecca some licorice on the house.

Rebecca enters her salon and sees Megan talking to Lucy. Megan says she was reminding Lucy of her obligations. Megan tells Lucy she needs to come with her. Lucy says no. Rebecca sends Lucy outside. Megan says to Rebecca that Lucy has a duty to fulfill. Megan says Lucy doesn’t have a choice. Megan says no one is above the rules. Megan says she will have to report this to Jason. Rebecca says what? That Rebecca needs to be reined in? That she doesn’t follow the rules? Rebecca rolls Megan out of her store in her wheelchair. That’s funny. Rebecca puts her arm around Lucy and says come stay with me tonight and I will walk you to school in the morning.

Outside the walls, C.J. says “Let’s get the tents up” to everyone in the caravan. Theresa asks Adam why he came back. Is it to help her? Adam says yes. C.J. and Adam are talking. C.J. says he knows what it is like to see something, to describe something that no one will believe. Adam walks away from C.J.

In the middle of the night Theresa gets out of her tent and sees a circle of people standing around a body. Who is it? Theresa unzips the body bag and she cries. Is it Ben? She also looks mad as hell.

Theo takes a beer out of the fridge. Rebecca tells Theo that Lucy will be staying with them for a few days. Will Rebecca really be able to protect her? Theo asks “Where are her parents?” Rebecca says they died. She says kids without parents live at the academy Rebecca says she just got her period a couple days ago and now they want her to get pregnant. They do it the old fashioned way. Theo thought maybe they used artificial insemination. Theo asks who pairs them up. Rebecca doesn’t really answer. Rebecca says she is trying to protect Lucy. Theo says C.J. told him that the reason they went outside the walls is to give people hope. Theo says all they talk about is survival and that they don’t talk about living and enjoying life.

Lucy sees Frank the next day and she is mad at him and tells him she hates him. The kids are outside playing basketball. The kids in the orphanage at the academy are playing inside.

The merry go round in the city lights up and starts going around. Frank is outside watching it. All of a sudden the merry go round stops and an abbie pops up on the merry go round. Frank drops his food. That is the end of the episode.

What are you thinking about this episode and season 2 so far? I would love to hear your thoughts.