Game of Thrones: (S06E09) ‘Battle of the Bastards’

The inevitable battle of bastards had a lot of hype surrounding it. The story in the North shifted from last seasons White Walker epidemic slightly by focusing on the recapture of Winterfell. Its been a long time coming, just like a Stark reunion, and I’m sure a lot of fans were pleased to see the Starks finally win at something. The moment the banner dropped and the hounds were fed, it was as if everything was right in the world. I saw online someone called this epic episode the most ‘fulfilling‘ episode of Game of Thrones history, even exceeding the Purple Wedding.

I couldn’t agree more.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The show started off tense and one could almost feel the pressure building. The bits of Meereen were a surprise because I honestly thought the episode was dedicated to the North solely. However, I just couldn’t fully dedicate myself to that storyline. My thoughts kept returning back to the North and I was happy when the show put all its focus over there. The battle started off with yet another tragic death, cleverly played out by the writers, which set everything into motion. I knew it would happen but there was a glimmer of hope that I couldn’t help but hold onto.

The battle was more than I had expected, bloody and brutal, yet so satisfying. Jon lost a lot of men but that’s war and I could appreciate the realistic element added to the show. There were some tough scenes to watch if you’re a sensitive viewer but lovers of Lord of The Rings and their battles would be pleased. The director on this episode did a fantastic job, the beautiful shots and cinematography was definitely the shows best.

I even appreciated the slow motion shots and the various snippets of violins playing in the background. It was cleverly timed and added so the viewer could feel a sense of hopelessness just as help arrived. Something that made the entire episode worth the while.

Even though Ramsey was probably on top of my most hated list, he beat our Joffrey a while ago, I had to laugh when the ruthless bastard stuck to his character till the very end. He was a coward but a truly sick one. He just couldn’t leave on a good note, he stuck to his bad reputation and had to kill the Giant. But the twist at the end when his Hounds betrayed him was definitely worth it. Another applause to the great effects.

I called this season a while back the ‘Season of The Starks‘ because they’re finally coming on top. Besides the tragic death before the battle, things are definitely better now than it used to be. There are Starks in Winterfell, Bran and Benjin are on their way back as well as Arya. I still don’t trust that such an epic reunion will exist because this is Game of Thrones but one could hope.

Now that Ramsey has fallen, I look forward to seeing how the show wraps up next week. Somehow I feel satisfied and see next week as a episode only full of good moments. Its wishful thinking I know, but the Starks are okay, the Boltons no longer exist and things are looking pretty bad for the Lannisters. That’s all I truly want.