UnReal: (S02E03) “Guerilla”

The twists and spiral keep on coming, giving us another entertaining episode. Starting out with Chet’s vision for the show as there were explosions for the show. Basically Chet’s idea is to rip off guys who would want to watch the show for the girls.

Things didn’t go quite as planned for him, an accident happened with Brandy pushing Chantele off from the wall they were climbing as a competition to go on a date with Darius.

Quinn took the opportunity and began playing her magic, along with Rachel who played a good cop bad cop on Brandy making her open up about her past to Darius on her date she won. 

As the new guy put it, they are terrific together as a team. But the team might be falling apart as the director told Quinn about Rachel’s visit to his house. Not only that Rachel wanted to escape but she got too friendly with the new guy and let’s say we shall be seeing him protecting her from now on.

But the biggest shock came to see when Brandy attacked Darius because Quinn got a woman to impersonate her mother and Darius thought she lied to him red-handed and he told her to leave the show. The attack wasn’t the shock but rather a normal event occurring in everlasting, but Darius seemed to be feeling pain while he walked. That was confirmed at the end of the episode when Rachel went to check on him.

Things keep on exploding into more problems, every episode seems to bette the previous one. Truly an exciting series to watch.