Wayward Pines: (S02E05) “Sound the Alarm”


The episode opens with Megan’s voice over describing how it is the year 4028 and David Pilcher built an ark to save humanity.

Theo is in bed with Rebecca kissing her and then the alarm goes off. Rebecca turns it off. It is seven a.m. Theo says they should go someplace. This is back when they were in the real world, before Wayward Pines. They decide to go to Hawaii.

Rebecca is at work and finds out that someone is taking over her project. One of her assistants tells her there is a man waiting for her in her office and he wouldn’t wait. It turns out to be David Pilcher. David asks Rebecca if she had heard of his book The Coming Crisis. He asks if she wants to be part of something historic.

Rebecca and David go to dinner. David hands her a copy of her thesis. She asks him how he got it. He says he surrounds himself with people who are good at getting him what he wants. David asks Rebecca if she wants to be a part of a new community. He says he needs an ark and he needs Rebecca to design it. She says it sounds crazy. David says to get used to hearing things like that. He tells her if she truly believes in it she will fight for it. She says what he is proposing sounds expensive. He says he is willing to pay whatever it takes. He asks her if she is a dreamer and if she would like to build the city she always dreamed of building.

Frank is facing an abbie on the streets of Wayward Pines. Jason and Kerry are watching this on the security cameras. The abbie does not attack him.

Flashback to Rebecca and Theo. He is skeptical of the project.

The next morning Frank sees Lucy at school and she walks away from him.

Megan is in the lab. Jason and Kerry are with her. She is talking to them about a female abbie who is under some sedation. She has a tattoo or something on her hand. The abbie is being very calm. Megan says only males breached the wall so far. She said they knew females were out there but they had never seen one before. One of the techs has named her Margaret. He says he names all of the abbies.

Sergio reports to Jason and Kerry that no other abbie has been found in the city. Jason wants to know how an abbie appeared on his merry go round. Jason says someone must have helped it.

Alan and C.J. are outside of the city walls along with a few other people. C.J. asks if Alan has come back to preach the end of the world. Alan says when the abbies come, it won’t matter. Theresa is with them. C.J. goes up to her. She is at what looks to be a grave. She tells C.J. she is not going back to the city. She says Ben is out here. She is never going to leave her son again. She is still his mother and she doesn’t need C.J.’s protection. So now we know that Ben is for sure dead.

Flashback to Rebecca and David. He asks her if it is her first time in Idaho. She says it is. He shows her where they will build the city and that all the trees will have to go except the pines. She says it looks like there is a town already there. David says not for long. Megan is there to meet Rebecca and says she loved her plans.

Back to present day. Xander is sweeping the sidewalk in front of his store. He sees Jason and someone else enter the beauty shop. Jason tells Rebecca that the abbie on Main Street was the only one. Jason says he needs her help. She built the fence. Is the town secure? Rebecca says the city is secure. Jason asks Rebecca how things are at home. He asks if she has told him everything. He says “It’s not good to keep secrets Rebecca.” Rebecca doesn’t answer.

At Wayward Pines academy, Frank is assigned to procreation room 9. He asks if there are cameras in the rooms. The assistant says yes. OMG. They really do force young couples to have sex. Frank enters the room and there is a young woman there. I don’t know her name. Frank asks if they should get on the bed or something. She says yes. She says it probably works better if they take off their clothes. There is a song playing overhead called “Let’s Do It.” It’s hilarious. Frank and the girl kiss. Frank is more uncomfortable than the girl. Then she says she gets it. He doesn’t like her. Frank says that’s not it. She asks then what is it. He says she’s right. They aren’t a good match. He prefers blondes anyway. She tells him not to worry. She will let them know.

Arlene is at the front desk of the hospital and Kerry comes up asking if he is in. Arlene says yes but unfortunately he is very busy. She says they are not accepting any new walk ins at this time. Kerry goes into Theo’s office. He asks her about the female abbie. Kerry says yes, they have a female abbie and that they have never seen one before.

Megan is about to extract some cerebral spinal fluid from the female abbie. She is not sedated. Theo says she is not to be touched. Kerry says Theo is now leading the team that is studying the abbies. It used to be Megan. Kerry says he is a world class surgeon. She says she will leave them to do their work. She says she is sure a world class surgeon and a hypnotherapist will have a lot to talk about. He says he will lay out some protocols. As soon as Theo turns his back, she tells her assistant to do it. The assistant takes the fluid. The abbie doesn’t even flinch.

Flashback to a dinner David is hosting. He tells Rebecca that her drawings are fantastic. Megan and everyone applaud. David says her plans will not go into place for quite some time. She tries to guess how long. David talks about the wine they are drinking. He says the soil is what makes the wine great. He says the timing is crucial. Megan says the only way to survive is to sling shot past the next cataclysmic event. She says they will be put to sleep for 2,000 years and then they will wake up and be ready to begin again. Rebecca is looking a little lost. She says this is a lot to absorb. She says she is honored to be a part of this. She says it is a bold and amazing plan. I sense a but coming. Megan and David look at each other.

Rebecca and Theo are talking. This is in the past. He wants to know how the meeting went. Rebecca asks what if she made a mistake and can’t find a way out of it. She says she wishes she never would have gotten involved in this. She feels like a failure. The phone rings. Theo says it is the hospital and he needs to go back. He tells her they will get through this.

Theresa is telling Alan there is nothing left for her inside that fence. Alan says he could have taken care of them. Alan says he wanted Ethan gone and he was wrong and he doesn’t expect her to forgive him. He apologizes.

Frank is talking to Theo and talks about being in the procreation room but he wasn’t into it. Frank talks about them putting him into this room and there are all these crazy steps. Theo asks Frank if he is gay. Frank doesn’t know what that word gay means. Theo talks about same sex attraction. Frank asks if there is a pill he can take or if he can try again. Frank says it is his obligation but if they find out he is sick and can’t do this, they will kill him. Theo says he won’t let that happen. I didn’t think they killed members of the first generation.

Theo comes home to find Xander in the house. Theo asks why Xander is there. Rebecca says we are married. Xander is my husband. What?!?!?! Wow! But they knew she was married to Theo. I can’t wait to see what happens now.

Rebecca says she was put to sleep and kidnapped. When she woke up she thought Theo was dead. Xander explains that they match people up. Theo takes off his wedding ring and then he hits Xander. Theo leaves. She asks Xander if he is all right.

Frank finds Lucy’s hiding place. He asks if she is going to jump off. She asks if he never wonders what is out there. He says all the time. Lucy says she thinks about it all the time but tries to stop thinking about it. She says she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life washing people’s hair. Frank tells Lucy he is sorry. She says she knows. Frank says he will protect her but Lucy says she will protect him. He thanks her.

Megan goes up to the female abbie and says not to worry that no more tests will be run. She says she wonders what kind of surprises a certain someone will have for them in the morning, meaning Theo. She says they were never supposed to meet. She says the abbies were supposed to be all gone by the time they woke up. Megan says she remembers waking up on a gurney having been trampled. She says before her husband died, he tried to put her back together again. She says she misses her husband. She says she can still feel some things. She says to Margaret “But you can’t understand me, can you?” Megan wheels away.

Theresa tells Alan she can’t stop thinking about Ben being out here alone. Theresa says she will never be able to forgive Alan.

Theo comes back to his house. Rebecca is sleeping on the couch. I have no idea where Xander is. Theo leaves again. Rebecca is remembering or dreaming about meeting Xander. He introduces himself. She is sitting on a couch and sees a bag of clothing with her name on it and it says it is her personal effects. She sees a ring too. Xander says he needs her to come with him. He says it is confusing and that she was knocked unconscious during a storm and that it will all make sense. He promises. They are driving down the main street of Wayward Pines. He says to her, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? She says no. Doesn’t she recognize it? She created it.

There are a bunch of abbies outside the city walls doing some kind of dance and communicating in some kind of language. They are setting fire to the crops. Margaret is still inside the hospital and she seems to be aware of what is going on. That is the end of the episode.