Game of Thrones: (S06E10) ‘The Winds of Winter’

After an intense and gripping season, the final episode had so much riding on it. The previous weeks episode was definitely one of the shows best but how could the final episode top that? Well, it definitely came close in my opinion. In all the Game of Thrones history, there hasn’t been a season that ended with so much lose ends tied up. So many plots came to an end like Arya’s revenge and the story behind the Dorne women taking over.

When the Dragons cried out and Khaleesi stood tall at the head of her many ships, a sense of closure fell over me. The wait till the next episode would be agonizing but there are no unanswered questions to debate about in the meantime. To make matters better, one of the most popular theories behind Jon’s birth was finally proven. Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Rhaegar is the older brother of Danny, meaning his son would be the true king of Westeros.

This makes it harder for viewers to decide who to support. On the one end, Jon is the true King and the rightful heir but then we have the powerful Khaleesi, whose come very far to fight for her place on the Iron Throne. This all makes for an epic showdown but for now I will settle for Khaleesi vs. Cersei Lannister, who started the show with a literal bang.

The ending of the best season in  the shows history was nothing short of amazing. Definitely carried on with the storyline in a faster pace this time along and I can’t wait for these 10 months to pass by.