Unreal: (S02E04) “Treason”

Things keep on getting bad for Darius as his injury cost him his brother. Almost getting his career and his contracts being a dream only. 

However the winners were Rachel and her new buddy, as they managed to turn a coup or an interference from Quinn in the football game become a win for them. She did loose one friend being Quinn who also had a bad day as her father passed away and she managed to count out one more friend from her circle. 

The funniest moment of the episode was how Jeremy got the hots for ‘hot RacheL’ it’s like he is replacing his ex with one that looks the same. It’s sad 😂

What’s next? Since Chet managed to somehow get arrested for stealing his own child (the irony), Quinn now is all alone since Rachel  has the new dude in her pockets. I expect to see Quinn causing damage soon and maybe Rachel joining her team again as they somehow always end up together.

On the side of the candidates, Darius already has a girl in sight and if the writers want they can make the outcome be totally different or just go with the flow as so far in everyone’s mind we know who the winner is. But can the trophy wife pull one over? 

For Darius, he is now at his ending as in his last move. If this fails his career is basically over. Let’s see how this season turns out. 

Quite entertaining and the topics they touch is also inclined to the everyday discussions one might have.