Dead of Summer: Patience


Starting out, the lovely Tony Todd, playing the Tall Man, is playing piano. The house is very eerie–candles lit everywhere, Mr. Todd in a top hat and fancy dress. The scene wouldn’t be complete without angry townsfolk, with rifles and torches descending upon the house. Some of them bust in, struggling to take Mr. Todd’s hands, as the piano playing get more frantic. We see flashes of bodies…many of them floating in the lake. They finally drag Mr. Todd out, and we are left with the scene of so many bodies floating in the lake.

Cut to 1989: High schoolers are arriving at a bus to take them to Camp Stillwater. They are the summers camp counselors. Joel, the videographer, Allen, the preppy, Jason, the hipster, Blair (he speaks for himself), Cricket, the normal one, Jessie, the popular one, and Amy, the nervous new girl. Amy seems to be the focus of the story, as we see a four-month flashback to her starting a new high school late in the year. She doesn’t fit in, and when asked why she’s starting so late replies, “My family situation changed.” Now is where we get the first glimpse of the story that will be unfolding.

Once at camp, we meet Deb Carpenter, played by the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell. She acknowledges Drew, the stoner, late because he missed the bus. We are also introduced to Dave, the local drunk who has been groundskeeper at the camp since the start of time. The camp is a standard summer camp: Canoes turned upside down, a dock leading onto the lake and a few buildings. Standard fair, right? Not so fast.

From the description of the cast one would think this is a normal teen “fright fest.” It’s not. Freeform has become a very popular and notable network because of its storytelling. The writing for this show honestly leaves you wanting to know more…more about the characters, Amy in particular. More about the dark history of Camp Stillwater. This show’s writing has the potential to rival  the writing of “The Fosters,” or “Pretty Little Liars.”

My recommendation, give it a watch…you might just be surprised.