The Shallows (2016)

“Shark!” Is usually the response that people end up yelling in a movie when there is a shark in the water or one of my favorite lines in a movie is “Don’t go in the water, there’s a shark in the water!” and do they believe that person who ever says that line of course not because seeing is believing or dying by the teeth of a shark anyway I’m sure you all can guess what this film is about and with it being Shark Week on the week that I am writing this review I think it fits to say that I am reviewing the film known as The Shallows!

So in the film: we see a boy who is wondering on the shores of whats about to be night time. Well this boy finds a GoPro camera connected to a helmet; the boy plays the video to find out that the people who were recording were killed by a shark, the boy runs and then it goes to 2 days earlier. We then meet our main character Nancy (Blake Lively) who is excited to be taken to this beach (name is never given in the film of the secret spot) but as Nancy is being driven to the spot she looks at the photos of her mother back in the early 90’s. When Nancy arrives at the spot she tries giving her driver some money for the nice gesture but he refuses, he then introduces himself as Carlos (Oscar Jaenada); Nancy then thanks Carlos for the ride again and takes her stuff off his truck. She tries learning the name of the secret beach in Mexico but he doesn’t say what it is. All you hear him say is “this is paradise” at first view it does seem like paradise. So Nancy begins getting dressed on the beach to go surfing. When she goes into the water with her board she meets two surfers, one is wearing a helmet with a GoPro camera recording during the surfers wicked surfs. The other surfer is a translator of sorts from what I believe. They both greet Nancy in the water; Nancy tries getting the name of the beautiful beach that shes surfing on but the surfers say “if we tell you we’re gonna have to kill you” so Nancy denies to wanting to know the name of the beach. The three begin to surf on the awesome waves, Nancy about 30 minutes of surfing takes a break and eats an apple. She then gets a Iphone video call from her little sister Chloe (Sedona Legge) who cant believe Nancy found the spot that their mother always spoke of. Chloe then wishes that she would’ve been able to come with her big sister to the secret spot. The phone is then given to their father (Brett Cullen) who wants to know when Nancy is coming back home. He then goes onto saying how she should not have dropped out of Nursing school and she should come back that its what her mother would’ve wanted. Nancy hangs up on her father not being able to take what he said to her. So Nancy goes back to the water saying bye to the surfers who are leaving because of the tide coming to its low tonight.

Nancy then swims out with her board trying to catch one last wave, Nancy then swims way too far out where she comes across a almost dead whale that is trying to brush off the seagulls that are trying to bite into its flesh. Nancy then swims the other way about to be brushed up by a wave she catches the wave only to be nudged off her board by a shark hidden within the wave. Nancy gets some bumps and bruises from hitting the shallow bottom but then regains herself to get back to her board. Nancy is then pulled down into the water screaming in pain as the shark bites deeply down onto her left thigh, when the shark lets go she swims towards the whale trying to get on top of something so the shark doesn’t come bitting for seconds. Nancy climbs on top of the whale only to find out its not the most stable surface. The shark then works on bumping Nancy of the whale, the whale begins to move but with it losing its strength and life it evidently stops moving. The shark gives the whale one last bump flipping the whale in the air and Nancy jumps off the whale swimming to the rock that she spotted. Nancy then shares the rock with an injured seagull. When Nancy looks at the wound she instantly goes into nursing and doctor mode keeping pressure on the wound and then begins to stitch up the wound with her earing’s. She then rips off a part of her surfing jacket to bandage up the wound! Nancy then notices a man sleeping on the beach whose drunk off his ass; The man thinks that Nancy is indicating to take her things so he begins to steal everything including the board that is being used as bait. The man then swims into the water to try to get Nancy’s board but is then attacked by the shark. Nancy is then horrified by the site that shes forced to watch as the shark uses the man as a rag doll ripping him in half. The man’s then split in half body is trying to crawl to the sand as he dies. The next day the surfers she met the other day come back, she yells to the surfers to not go into the water, she continues to yell theres a shark but they assure her there are no sharks in these waters. The shark then jumps and rips the head off of the first surfer and the second surfer (with the GoPro camera) then swims towards Nancy on the rock. The shark then meets the surfer and drags him into the water. The surfer manages to reach up for Nancy, she grabs him and starts trying to pull him up but the shark then pulls him back under and devours the surfer. Nancy then starts to believe that there is no hope in surviving this shark. But then uses her smarts to try to outsmart the shark, Will Nancy’s smart outwit the shark? Find out by seeing the film!

Now I have to be honest here, in all of the shark movies that are out there which there really aren’t that many that can be taken seriously. I think that this is one of the best shark movies of this year! Seriously I really believe that! This movie was so awesome, the visual effects were amazing, I totally loved the part where the shark is chasing Nancy in a Gothic underwater chase in the middle of a swarm of jellyfish. That scene was so amazing! I especially love the 3D modeling and animating they did of the blue whale and the great white shark. In my opinion and opinions of other reviewers I would have to agree that The Shallows would have to counted as number 2 of the best of the best shark movies out there, Jaws would still be number 1! But in a lot of this movie, it really does give you the feel of what any smart person would do when they are not panicking after being bitten by a shark in what to do if your the sharks prey. Its gives some good survival kind of things in the movie. Another thing I’m really liking about these thriller and horror movies of this century is that these directors are not afraid to use todays technology in the movies because they are finally realizing its giving them another eye of view for filming. Some of them might not be the most sturdiest but they are still good devices to use.

I would give the rating a: 4 1/2 out of 5

The Shallows is now out in theaters, for those who are into these kind of movies about sharks, go see it!