Wayward Pines: (S02E06) “City Upon a Hill”


The episode opens with abbies roaming in the woods eating plants. A female cradles a newborn. Then the abbies see a helicopter and get agitated. Whoever is in the helicopter shoots at the abbies, killing them. The helicopter lands in a meadow. The abbies are carrying away their wounded. David Pilcher is one of the men who exits the helicopter.

Next we see Kerry and Jason in bed with a bunch of candles. Jason says they should have a baby. Kerry asks if they are really ready. Jason kisses her but then she turns away. He asks her what is wrong. She says nothing. Then she lists off problems with the city. Jason says he was talking about them. Kerry lets Jason hold her.

Now we see Theo in a bar. He says their beer is revolting and their celery soda thing is, well, he doesn’t know what that is. The bartender hands him a bottle of Kentucky bourbon. Theo drinks that. He says Wayward Pines needs a town drunk. Is Theo volunteering for the job? Rebecca enters and sits down on a stool next to Theo. She tells him she looked for him. She did what she could to find him. She touches his arm and he doesn’t flinch away. She says I know you have questions and are tired of secrets. He asks if she and Xander tried to have a baby. She doesn’t answer. Rebecca is the queen of not answering. However, she had a good excuse. The town sirens went off and the phones started ringing. Outside the city we see the abbies carrying fire and destroying the crops.

In the camp outside the city we see Adam Hassler sharpening a knife and he notices the flames. He tells everyone that they need to leave now. C.J. blows a whistle. An abbie is attacking Theresa. Adam shoots it.

The city’s speaker system urges all able bodied men to get to the fire station immediately. Megan is in the lab with the abbies who all start to get agitated and yell and strain against their cages. The only one who is calm is Margaret who just stares at Megan.

Theo asks someone what happened. He says the crops are on fire. Rebecca tells Theo to go to the hospital. Kerry drives up and Theo says they are back. Kerry says if they let the crops burn, they will die. Kerry tells Theo they need him at the hospital right now. The men are called to go to the fire station again.

Rebecca goes into Xander’s shop and he is talking to a few men. He tells Rebecca he doesn’t trust Jason. Jason is outside the fence with a gun saying if they lose those crops, they lose everything. Jason calls for the hoses to help put out the fire. The abbies attack and several men go down.

Theo is at the hospital giving instructions to his staff. He tells them to do what he says and not question him. Meanwhile the men are on fire or getting eaten by abbies while other men are shooting the abbies. I think this is a losing battle. It looks as if Jason just realizes this is a losing battle and he collapses.

The wounded start coming into the hospital by the truckloads. One of them is Theresa. She is badly wounded. Most of them are. Most of them are covered in blood including Theresa. You can hear the patients screaming in agony. One of the other doctors yells for Theo’s help but he focuses on Theresa. Patients are bleeding out and the young doctors are freaking out. Jason yells at Theo about helping the first generation first.

Then Jason is donating blood. Kerry tells him that no one could have predicted what happened that night. Kerry says no one could have known the fields would burn. Jason says if he can’t rely on his own instincts and follow David Pilcher’s instructions, what good is he? He asks what is wrong with the soil there. What didn’t Pilcher account for? What will happen to them if they can’t grow food. Kerry says she thought he was raised to lead this town by Pilcher. Kerry says all she sees is weakness and fear when she looks at Jason. Boy, that Kerry is not nice. She tells Jason she never wants to see him doubting even if he does.

Xander comes upon Theo in the hospital hallway. Xander says the abbies got him in the arm. She says she left their wife in his office. Then Xander says the first one’s free but the next one’s going to cost you. Theo asks if she still has feelings for Xander. Rebecca says they were more like cellmates. There were rules and they were watched. She says she chose him freely before all this. Theo says it’s not an answer and at that moment Theo is called away to help in the hospital.

Adam wakes up. He asks a young doctor about Theresa. The doctor tells him he should get some rest. Adam asks if Theresa is dead. The doctor says he can’t say anything. He says you have to be family. Adam lies back down.

C.J. is talking to Megan, Kerry, Mario, & Jason. C.J. is explaining that the abbies seemed to know what they were doing. Kerry talks as if she doesn’t believe the abbies had a plan. C.J. says they taught the abbies and they learned. Megan says the other abbies in the lab got aggressive and Margaret stayed calm. C.J. says that the crops burned down to the ground and that the land is scorched. Jason says they will all starve to death. C.J. says if nothing changes, the food they have left will only last six weeks. Jason says they have only seven soldiers left. Kerry says they will have to recruit from the first generation.

They have a funeral for 35 members of their town. Jason says it is easy to wake up in the morning and forget who they are and that there are no second chances for humanity and that they are it. Jason says he knows people used to tell stories how everyone came from two people. He says they are at 1,178 people. He believes they can grow and survive. There is a 21 gun salute over the 35 plain wood coffins.

Xander is at his shop when Mario and two other soldiers or policeman come in. They ask for Xander’s weapons. He says he doesn’t know what they are talking about. Then he says, oh the weapons we used to save your asses. Then he tosses a gun to Mario. Mario says Xander was chosen for his resourcefulness. He asks if Xander has any extra rations. This is after Xander says brown is an interesting color for uniforms.

Theo is in David Pilcher’s office meeting with Megan, Kerry, and Jason. Theo says they are very low on penicillin and other medications. Theo says people can soon be dying from sinus infections, tetanus, and a flu epidemic. Mario comes back in saying the abbies are outside the walls again. Jason doesn’t believe the abbies can think and plan. C.J. is saying they can. Jason is in denial.

Adam gets out of his hospital room and finds Theresa’s hospital room. She is hooked up to a lot of machines. I think she is on a respirator. Then he remembers meeting Megan before all this happened. Megan tells him Ethan will be out of the picture and will be a part of the future but that Theresa can be all his. She heard he wanted to call it off. Why? He says it’s not right.

Rebecca flips the sign on her shop from closed to open. She sees Xander walking across the street with a box full of something. He meets someone in a car and puts it in their car. Then Rebecca goes into his shop and asks what is the matter with him. She said she understands the guns and the pills. She helped him steal that. He says it was apples. He says he is keeping his head down. If the world is going to end he is going to go out strong. Xander says to Rebecca that they weren’t nothing. He says he knows they had their problems but he knows they had their good times too. He says people can change. He says they don’t want us to be human. Xander tells Rebecca he wants to come back home. Once again Rebecca doesn’t say anything. She is the queen of avoiding answering questions.

Adam is sitting on Theresa’s bed saying he is sorry he couldn’t save her or protect her. He says it is OK. Theresa wakes up and pulls her hand out of his. She remembers being with Charlie and Ethan celebrating Charlie’s birthday. Then she flat lines. Did she die or did Adam pull the plug and help her die?

Theo and Megan are in the lab. She says she is running an MRI. She wants to know why Margaret is so docile while the others are so aggressive. They are looking at something on Margaret’s MRI and Megan says does that mean she can understand us?

Meanwhile Arlene walks into Theo’s office and sees Theo’s suitcase and says she has a spare bedroom. She says she wouldn’t impose and give him his privacy.

Theo is talking to Adam and asking him if the abbies communicate. He says they found some preliminary results on a female abbie they have in captivity. Adam asks if she has the brand on her hand. So Adam knows about that.

C.J. is outside the walls and looks down and sees a penny on the floor of his tent. The abbies are roaring outside the walls and outside the tents. People in town walk outside to listen to the roaring. The family that Xander gave the apples to is just getting home but something stops them in their tracks. Is there an abbie on their porch?

Jason and Kerry are in their house looking out. The abbies in the lab are getting agitated and roaring along with the abbies outside. Margaret looks calm as always.

Arlene asks Theo if they are safe. He doesn’t answer and that is the end of the episode.