Killjoys (S02E01) “Dutch and the Real Girl” Review

“A Glitch in the System”

We open up exactly where we left off from the season 1 finale but, hello, it seems we have time jumped. The gang doesn’t miss a step with Dutch leading the charge into Khlyen’s creepy lab. Gunfights ensue and Fancy’s here? Hold on. D’avin starts to realize that maybe this isn’t real… But screw it, D’avin decides to kiss his dream girl. Boom. Fireworks. Music. But oh no… It’s all a dream as D’avin is still in that creepy lab and the two mad scientists disturb his good dreams by injecting him with some green sludge giving him a rude awakening. Cut to Dutch waking up from a nightmare. She, Johnny, and Pree are driving Lucy to try and find D’avin. Unfortunately Dutch almost crashes Lucy into some gravity pull so Johnny thinks they should try thinking instead of blindly going forward.  So they pay a visit to Bellas who directs them to a criminal club that only Pree is able to get them into. I guess we all have skeletons. Pree and Johnny sneak Dutch into the casino via a gun case. A large one. She’s in! Back to D’avin in his terrible nightmares. He happens upon a frightened stranger that is taken away by men with dogs but as they drag him away D’avin notices some green goo where the man was cowering. Hm. In the real world Pree and Johnny pass time by playing the slots or poker or something… Dutch meanwhile does some sleuthing. Johnny and Pree are set to create a distraction to help Lucy hack into the system. Apparently insulting someone’s mother is a step too far even for criminals. But Lucy gets in able to open a door for Dutch who is greeted with a gun in her face. In D’avin’s dark daydream he sees some chaos… and Khlyen and that same green goo again. D’avin wakes up with a start surrounded by the same green goo that quickly disperses baffling scientists wondering how he did that?


“Not Without My Gun Arm”

Seems to be Dutch is confronted with the person who can help her find Arkyn. Now that this girl has Alice, queue badass shooting sequence. Pree, Johnny, Dutch, and their new comrade shoot their way out of the casino. Khkyen checks on D’avin who stabs him in the hand but his wound doesn’t heal. Khlyen kills his scientists where he and D’avin have a Mexican stand off. But surprisingly Khlyen puts down his gun and offers D’avin a chance to run with. Johnny wakes up their guest who doesn’t like people touching Alice. Clara tells us her origins and Dutch seems to admire this girl’s toughness. D’avin and Khlyen catch up. D’avin touches a sore spot mentioning Khlyen and Dutch’s Daddy-Daughter issues. Khlyen basically threatens to pulverize him if he keeps talking about it. Clara agrees to help Dutch and Johnny to find and save D’avin. Everyone fasten your seat belts because Clara plugs into Lucy (no dirty pun intended) and takes her for a spin. The ride takes a lot out of Clara. Quick flirtation between Lucy and Clara as Pree goes off to find something cool to wet their whistles while Dutch and Johnny charge the castle. Khlyen erases D’avin from the system. He asks him if he would die for Dutch. D’avin said he would. Khlyen pushes D’avin into some elevator to save his life but tells him to keep Dutch safe even if he has to lie.


“Your New Mission Should You Accept…”

Khlyen puts his hand in the green goo one last time before being tased with a cattle prod on super charge by guards who apparently admire him. D’avin is found by Johnny, Dutch and Fancy… who D’avin shoots! Fancy has been Level Six’d! To make sure D’avin doesn’t have the same green stuff they cut him. He bleeds red! Thank the Trees. D’avin is caught up on what happened to Old Town. Dutch’s new mission is to get into Old Town and get their friends out. Landing in Leith Clara packs to leave. Johnny thinks she should stay and be treated by Pawter but Clara doesn’t want to become a basic even though her mods are hurting her. Johnny seems to have a crush. Clara hits the road out of the Quad but Lucy has her number in case she needs her. Lucy may have a new favorite. D’avin comes clean that Khlyen was on the base but Dutch already knew. D’avin doesn’t think Khlyen is Dutch’s enemy. D’avin thinks there’s a whole level above Khlyen that even he is scared of. Meanwhile Khlyen is a popsicle stuck in cryo sleep but for some reason Fancy kills a guard. D’avin remembers in his dreams seeing Dutch with Khlyen killing soldiers!


So I’d give this premiere a B+. I dock a few points because of the new intro. I liked the old one better it was more alive and badass like the cast and storyline. This new one lacks a punch.