Dark Matter S02 EP01″Welcome to Your New Home”

dark matter intertitle - Dark Matter S02 EP01"Welcome to Your New Home"


Cast: One/Derrick Moss: Marc Bendavid, Two/Portia Lin: Melissa O’Neil, Three/Marcus Boone: Anthony Lemke, Four/RyoTetsuda: Alex Mallari, Jr. , Five/Emily Kolburn: Jodelle Ferland, Six/Lt. Kal Varrick: Roger Cross, The Android: Zoe Palmer, Lt. Anders: JeffTeravainen, Nyx Harper: Melanie Liburd 

When we last left the crew of the Raza, they had been docked and left unconscious. Carried out by officers of the Galactic Authority, with Six and Lt. Anders (Jeff Teravainen) bringing up the rear.

This show is a whirlwind ride of surprises and reveals. This is more than a space opera, it’s lovingly crafted to be a thinking person’s show. I highly recommend putting this on your must watch list

Now, to be honest, I have carried a huge grudge regarding Six for betraying the crew. The premiere certainly opened up a whole new vision, in the case of Six and the crew. Let’s get into this, shall we?

We find out a ton of information regarding the crew. Like their real names, and the crimes they are accused of committing. Two, Three, and Four wake up in a holding cell…this is not a good thing. Prison. A very big, escape-proof prison. Told to strip down, cleaned with hot steam and giving uniforms, they are led to their cells in gen-pop.

One and Five wake up in nicer rooms…but in comes Six. He tells them his real name: Lt. Kal Varrick, with the Galactic Authority Special Investigation. He was sent to bring them in. Talk about a fly in the cream!! The Crew is at Hyperion 8 Galactic Maximum Detention Facility. The others are in Gen Pop, but One and Five are in the staff quarters. Six/Varrick was sent to bring them in. Varrick was put on medical leave when the General caused the Hyadum 12 massacre and he lost it. His new assignment: the Raza crew. Five gives him a good slap .He deserves it. Before any more can be said, One aka Derrick Moss’s lawyer comes in and shuts everything down. She sets him up in a nice hotel room…and apparently he got a new face before he jetted with the Raza.

Meanwhile, Three discovers who he is. As three inmates come after him for their share of the “bank job.” The thugs are run off by Nyx, played beautifully by Melanie Liburd, comes in and demands her cut. In comes Two aka Portia Lin and saves him. But the fight between her and Nyx is so very awesome.

The Android has been impounded, just like the ship. The programmer is trying to get the information out of her, but she refuses, threatening to reset herself. A loyal Droid, indeed.

We also find out that Three aka Marcus Boone is accused of murdering One/Derrick Moss’s wife in the commission of the robbery. The plot thickens. Back in Gen-Pop, Four/Ryo starts a riot “to gauge the guards reaction.” It was swift and deafening, with them using a sonic sound to bring the inmates under control. That’s why the guards wear the white ear pieces, so they aren’t affected. After Two/Portia and Nyx fight, they are sent to solitary where they can go to a cold holographic field and interact. They talk, becoming…cordial.

We find that Five…real name Emily Kolburn is 16, her parents died when she was young. She was placed in an orphanage and ran away when she was 12, Six/Verrick tells her. She had been living on the streets ever since. Four/Ryo is taken to see a high-powered gang leader, Arax Nero, played by Mike Dopud. Arax tells Four/Ryo how things work…stay nice and quite and don’t try to escape the inescapable prison, or Ryo might end up “Gibbering like a lobotomized toddler.” Interesting visual. Six/Varrick visits Five/Emily and gives her an encrypted file…work your magic girl. She does, and Six/Varrick finds out some info that royally pisses him off. He finds out Anders (Jeff Teravainen) was involved in the massacre…Anders gets tossed around, but tells Varrick he already told him. Damn…another thing Six/Varrick forgot.

Three/Marcus, Two/Portia, and Four/Ryo sit down to have “dinner.” They’ve decided to escape. As Two/Potia says, “We’re the crew of the Raza, of course we’re doing it.” Six/Varrick and another guard are escorting Five/Emily planet side to go to a group home. Before they can get very far, they are met by Commander Shaddick, played by the very lovely Franka Potente. She’s the Chief Inspector of Galatic Authority Serious Crimes Division. Shaddick is taking Five/Emily and Six/Varrick is releaved of duty. At One/Derrick’s house, the doorbell rings. When answers it….he’s shot and killed….by his exact double. Or is it the real Derrick? This show is just ramping up……stay tuned it only gets better from here.

Keep watching with me…let’s go down the rabbit hole together.