The Night Shift (S03E01) "The Times They Are A-Changin"

The season premiere of The Night Shift kicks off pretty fast. Let’s get started.
The show jumps a few months after the season two finale, TC and Jordan are trying not to work on the same shift, after we see that TC proposed to Jordan moments after she awoke from her coma in the finale but she declined. But avoiding each other won’t last when Topher has them working the same shift.
A call of an accident on the highway gets Topher and TC on the chopper to go, seek and bring back. There seems to be one small problem, it’s during a lighting storm, how fun right? Hell yeah!!
A woman is found on the edge of a highway sign as Topher takes care of her, TC provides the supple to him and gets her on the chopper. She’s suffering from a cut in the artery with a huge piece of glass that TC takes out with night-vision goggles.
Back at the hospital, Kenny shows the new doctor, Dr. Shannon Rivera, the ropes and has her pronounce a dead body for the funeral home. When Jordan steps out, she knows what he’s doing to her, as it’s always a tradition for a newbie…scary them. As Shannon lifts the sheet, Paul screams at her and she punches him in the face. That’s what I call a setback, my friend and a very good one.
After that we see Paul and Shannon get into it during traumas and such. She really gets under his skin and he shows a bit of romantic interest for her just a bit. But watching those two be the comic relief in this episode was amazing.
Jordan gets a patient, one from the accident that TC was at, that suffers from unstable blood pressure along with the heart stopping and going. Scott comes in and soon they spot a massive in her kidney that explains the what she’s been ding through. In surgery, Scott finds the tumor but than her pressure drops again and Jordan thinks there’s another tumor.
Scott searches and finds it but finds something even more graving, turns out to be cancer and they tell the patient’s partner of the news. She tells Jordan that she feels responsible for this as they were fighting, but she tells her that it’s not, that the accident has given her a second shot of telling her how much she cares for her.
TC and Jordan do chat for a bit but it’s a start. But soon, the man comes in the ER asking about his son, because his wife called him that she was taking him to the hospital. Topher and Kenny check but no one came in with a fever. But than he tells them that she drove a truck to get here and it hits Topher in shock. He treated his wife and gets TC and Jordan to find the son, which they do as they find the kid in it’s car seat high up.
Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, Drew was sent to Afghanistan and teams up with Dr. Syd Jennings (Jennifer Beals). As soon as they have some fun, bombs and guns go off. They treat a 15 year old pregnant girl, who happens to be a wife of the Afghan general.
Causing problems internationally, Drew does what he does best, save the girl as she need surgery for a tear in the womb. Causing the top officer to really get on him, but as they perform the surgery, the General comes in and points a gun demanding her release to him. Drew calmly fights back, holding the gun away until it goes off and we are left with a “To Be Continued….”
This part one of a two part episode was amazing. They really have you caught up about the characters. The show hasn’t lost any step and has gotten better. There wasn’t one specific person, but the whole cast was amazing. Will TC and Jordan find a way to work it out and possibly get back together? And what the hell happen with Drew, is he shot or is the General shot?
You can catch The Night Shift Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.