American Gothic: (S01E03) "Nighthawks"

American Gothic begins with Garrett sitting in his car watching someone in a restaurant and making notes. I am not sure who he is watching.
Back at the mansion, Maddie is asking Garrett what he wants for breakfast. Meanwhile Jack is talking to an animal exterminator about a raccoon. Tessa is talking to her husband about the picture that shows Cam wearing the belt. Tessa is saying she doesn’t believe Cam was a teenage serial killer. Tessa says Cam could have loaned the belt to someone. Brady asks for a DNA sample to rule him out.
Maddie and the kids sit down to read the will. Garrett is not there. Maddie said he left everything to her however she knows he would want his kids to be taken care of so she will give them whatever they need. Maddie also says she has been given Hawthorne Concrete and she is going to sell it. The children object. Maddie says she knows Mitch would have wanted the children to support her decision and that they had been talking about selling anyway because of Mitch’s condition.
Allison tells Cam not to give his blood because then he will be in the system forever. Maddie says they gave Cam’s belt away to Good Will so there is no way Cam’s blood can be on that belt.
Allison is talking to her husband Tom. He talks about buying the company. Tom wonders if Allison really needs him. She says yes.
One of Brady’s coworkers says that only five people manufactured that belt. Brady calls Tessa and tells her to convince Cam to donate his DNA and that if he won’t, he will use Tessa’s DNA. Another coworker comes up and tells Brady he doesn’t need a court order to get his wife’s DNA.
Sophie and Cam are seeing a counselor about Jack. Sophie says they need to be together for Jack’s sake. This is the same counselor who helped Cam. Sophie says fine, they can give counseling a try. The counselor says she can see Jack tomorrow at noon. Cam notices permission to record in the paperwork. The counselor says yes, they record it to protect themselves. Cam asks if they recorded his sessions. She says yes. Cam says he wants to hear those tapes. He says he said some weird stuff. He also knows about the picture with the belt.
Brady takes Tessa’s hairbrush to get a DNA sample. Then Brady tells his coworker to run the tests but the results can come only to him.
Alison and her campaign manager are talking about getting donors. Tom is there too. They are asking Tom for help with memorabilia for a football player.
Jack is in with the counselor. He is giving the counselor a hard time. She tells him he doesn’t have to talk to her. Then she tries to get him to talk to a puppet. Jack says he doesn’t talk to inanimate objects. Go Jack. I love that kid!
Garrett goes into the restaurant where he was watching people. He sees a woman who calls him by name. He says hi. She says she heard about his dad and she is sorry. I think her name is Molly. Garrett tells her she looks exactly the same. She asks if he is back in Boston for good. He says he doesn’t know. She says she has some questions for him and he at least owes her that.
At the house Maddie goes to talk to Gunther, their groundskeeper. She asks him what that was with the raccoon that Gunther shot. He says he was hurt and shouldn’t have to suffer and no one should die in a cage. Maddie tells Gunther it is his last day.
Garrett and Molly sit and talk at the restuarant. He asks her questions. She says he doesn’t get to hide behind questions. They were talking about getting married and he just vanished. No one knew where he went. She thought maybe it was her. Garrett says it wasn’t her. She says here is the part where you tell me why you left. Garrett says there were things happening that he couldn’t…and he doesn’t finish. He does say that everyone expected him to be the golden boy and take over the business but he couldn’t. Molly says that is not a good enough explanation. He asks about going for Chinese.
Jack goes looking for Caramel. Cam uses the code Sophie got for the back door of the counselors office. I think he is looking for drugs. Jack is just wandering through this other house looking for Caramel the cat. Someone is taking pictures of Cam entering the building. Cam is looking through the files. He wants his notes. Jack finds his old lady neighbor sleeping in bed and sees her dentures in a glass. Cam finds his video footage. He talks about feeling like he is floating and he can feel every cell in his body. In another video Cam says he is not high. In yet another video, the counselor says Cam, you are shaking. Cam says he wants to talk about the body. Cam starts breaking the discs of his sessions.
The next day Sophie and Cam are sitting in the waiting room and Cam is pacing and acting nervous. Cam says it is weird to be there after breaking in. Sophie asks if Cam wants to come over that night. Cam says he has plans. The counselor comes out and says she can no longer see Jack but that she will give him the name of some counselors who specialize in Jack’s issues.
The fundraiser for Allison is in full swing. I think it is at the house. Maddie tells Allison that she fired Gunther. That she had to. She was getting a weird feeling and there was this incident. The football player enters. Allison and her campaign manager greet him.
Garrett is with Molly in his room at the house. She says it is so weird to be there. Some of his old stuff is there. She finds a box of pictures with a picture of her on top. She asks, “You kept these?” They kiss. They start undressing. She notices Garrett’s scars and asks where they come from. He asks why it matters. She says stop. Don’t touch me. She confesses she knew he had been watching her at the restaurant for three days.
Maddie tells Allison she found a buyer from China and that it would give her campaign a big infusion of capital at a critical time. The doorbell rings and the mayor arrives. He hands Allison a picture of Cam breaking into a medical facility last night. Allison’s campaign manager says she is sure Cam has a good reason for being there. The mayor knows about Cam being an addict. He says, stop Steven, the football player, from speaking or he takes the pictures to the press. Allison finds Cam and asks what he was doing there. Cam says he forgot something and had to go back and get it. Allison knows Cam is lying.
Sophie tells Cam he doesn’t need to be fixed and that she gets him. She asks if he wants to stay for a late night snack.
Brady sees a report about Maddie but I don’t know what it says. His coworker has the DNA report from Tessa. I don’t know what it says.
Jack finds Cam watching TV. Cam asks Jack what happened at the therapist’s office today. Jack says she didn’t like his puppet. Jack brings out a doll that has the neighbor’s false teeth in them. Cam’s face is priceless at this point.
A detective comes over to the house and tells Maddie she needs to talk to her about the silver bells case. They go into the kitchen to talk privately. The detective says they know that she purchased the belt about a month before the killing. Brady comes in and says the DNA doesn’t match. The detective says it’s a coincidence then? Maddie says that their groundskeeper Gunther took it and they should look into him. Tessa finds out that Brady took her DNA sample without her permission. He says he just exonerated her family. She says he violated her trust and tells him to get out.
Allison figures out that Tom bought the company under another name. He says consider this my resignation. I am tired of being your lackey. So I suppose that means he wants a divorce. Allison is talking to her campaign manager who is trying to put a positive spin on things. She says you saved your brother and looked killer in that dress. They kiss.
Garrett is talking to Maddie saying “You orchestrated this whole thing with Molly. Why?” Maddie says I wanted to show you what is good about this life and that she wants him to be happy. Garrett says you want my silence. Maddie says can’t I have both? Maddie says you need to make peace with the past in a way that is not destructive. Garrett says he doesn’t know if he can and he walks away from her. I have no idea what this means. Meanwhile Garrett is in his truck and is holding a knife to his hand. Why? Later I see him getting sewn up at a clinic. Garrett says to the lady stitching him up that she feels as if he has seen her before. She says on the news and that her father was one of the silver bell killer victims. So, somehow Garrett knew that and wanted to meet her.
Maddie is talking to Tessa who says that she feels like the Silver Bells killer is someone really close to them. They hear a noise in the garage and they find that Gunther has hung himself and he left a note says I’m sorry. Unless of course someone killed him making it look like suicide.
That brings us to the end of the episode. What did you think? I still have more questions than I do answers.