Wayward Pines: (S02E07) "Time Will Tell"

The episode opens on April 19, 2034 in the room with all the people inside the pods. One C.J. Mitchum is awakened. He is the one who works with the plants to help feed the people of Wayward Pines. He gets dressed and goes to a place that looks kind of like his home where he works out. Then they also show him in the room with all the people in the pods. They show David Pilcher’s pod and Rebeca Yedlin’s pod. He helps clean the pods. He sits down to a chess board. I wonder who he is playing with. At times, C.J. tunes into the radio and listens to newscasts about disasters around the world. Then we see him go back into his pod. Before he does, he asks if it was all a mistake.
Theo enters the lab with the abbies. The males are screeching. The female, Margaret, makes no sound. Theo puts a clamp on her hand. Megan comes in. Theo asks Megan why they aren’t looking into how she got the mark on her hand and what she understands. Theo says he will start with associating meaning with pictures with Margaret. Megan says she is sorry for what is going on with his wife. Megan says maybe they will find another mate for him. He looks at Megan and says maybe he already found one. Say what?!
Theo starts going through some cards with Margaret. Theo tells Margaret that Megan is his friend. Theo has Megan bow down to him to show he is the leader. Megan asks Theo if Margaret doesn’t speak English how does this help them move forward. He says she can still communicate.
Once again they show C.J. coming out of his pod and going through the same rituals as before. This time it is 2514. C.J. talks to pictures of the people he knows. He is either lonely or crazy. He continues to listen to newscasts. Crazy things are happening out in the world. C.J. takes a gun and goes out into the forest. It must be outside the walls. The forest is beautiful. C.J. hears something. It is a blonde boy. The boy says I don’t carry fire. C.J. asks where he is from and that he hasn’t seen anyone in a while. The kid says his name is Griffin. Griffin says only fragments remain. C.J. asks how are the fish. C.J. says they are lucky. The water’s clean. C.J. asks Griffin if he loves someone. Griffin asks, didn’t everyone? Griffin can just reach down into the water and grab a fish. C.J. says he will go build a fire. Griffin has bad dreams. I wonder what he went through. C.J. reaches for Griffin’s bag and leaves. The kid wakes up and follows him. Griffin begs C.J. begs him to take him with him. C.J. says he can’t. C.J. kills Griffin by breaking his neck. He says there are so many he couldn’t save but he saved Griffin from what is coming next.
Megan, Theo, and Margaret are still working together in the lab. Megan gives Margaret some food and Margaret points at the abbie next to her. She wants the abbie to have her food. Theo says she has empathy for her fellow abbies. Theo says she is an intelligent being and can help them out of this mess. Theo says he saw them sacrifice themselves to allow others to get into the town. Theo says it’s just math. It’s just the numbers and they will win. Theo must think there are more abbies than humans. Not good.
Once again C.J. wakes up. It is now 3214. He plays more chess. He imagines he is talking with a woman named Heidi. They must have been married or dating at one time. She says she is worried about him. He says I knew there was a reason you came today. She says you can’t come with me because of your job. She is in tears and says miles to go. C.J. says when this is over he will find her and lay next to her. She says that is just dirt. It is not me. Heidi reminds him it is his job to be there. He is crying. He would rather be with her. He is questioning what he is doing. He talks about some of the different things he has seen. She tells him he can make the world whatever he wants that he has that power. I don’t think that’s a good thing.
Back in the lab, Adam comes in and says let her out. He says they are gathering and coming for her. Theo says she chose to be here. She was sitting on the carousel. Adam begs Theo to let her go. Theo says they are on the same side. Theo says they have grossly underestimated those creatures and he is trying to rectify that. Adam tells Theo he is too late.
Now it is 4014 and C.J. emerges again. He looks at the chart with all the years he wrote on it. He wakes up a bunch of people, including David Pilcher. David asks if it is time to start building. David says it is a privilege to wake up Group A. He says he wishes he could have seen what C.J. has seen. David asks if C.J. is ready. C.J. nods. David says to C.J. let’s go. They enter the forest and David is amazed by what he sees. David spots a hut and an abbie. C.J. says don’t move. David says my God. C.J. says he saw a man a long time ago and he was starting to change. David says they should all be dead by now. David tells C.J. those things are mankind gone wrong and that they stopped being human a long time ago. David says he had hoped not to encounter them. He talks about building a fence. He says they don’t have a sense of community like people. David said he did plan for this. He hoped he wouldn’t have to see it when he woke up.
Jason and Kerry enter the lab with Megan while Adam and Theo are already in the lab. Adam says they are gathering. That Wayward Pines is built on what was their settlement. Jason asks what is wrong with taking Wayward Pines back. Theo says has it occurred to anyone that while they are observing her maybe she is observing them? Also in the middle of this conversation, Megan reminds Kerry she is not contributing. Kerry is supposed to be producing children and she isn’t.
In a flashback, the town has been built. People are up and out enjoying a party. Megan invites C.J. to take part. C.J. doesn’t want to take part. He says he has seen the world fall.
Then in more recent days, there is the fire on the merry go round and the fire in the crops. C.J. sits alone while people are screaming outside the tents.
Theo tries to tell Margaret that the people in the town are her friends and that Jason is their leader. Margaret touches the leader card and points to Theo. LOL! Kerry asks why Margaret is cooperating after the way they have treated the abbies. Theo says she is communicating, not cooperating. Jason says they are in a war. Theo says yes they are and they have to try everything. Theo holds up the friends card. Margaret just looks at him. Theo goes over to one of the other abbie’s cages and lets him out. Theo is still making the sign for friend. The abbie tries to bite Theo but Margaret stops him. Jason then shoots a few of the male abbies. Margaret screams. Theo takes the gun from Jason. Kerry is telling Jason that if Margaret is the leader they shouldn’t destroy her. Jason leaves and Margaret growls at Theo. I don’t think she is happy Jason killed her friends.
Adam tells Theo he may be Jason’s replacement but that the abbies are their replacements. Megan says she barely remembers the world as it once was. She says she is grateful to have come so far and to have seen so much. She says it’s been fascinating studying Margaret with Theo. Theo tells Megan she has been so indoctrinated that she can’t see that Jason is the real animal. Theo says he is going home then he says I mean to the hospital. He tells Margaret he is going to shower and take a couple hours and then he is going to come back but that he doesn’t know what they are going to do. He takes Jason’s gun with him as he leaves.
Kerry is asking C.J. if they made a mistake starting construction when they did when the abbies were alive. C.J. says why bring this up now? It’s too late. Jason says “I assure you, humanity will win.” I wouldn’t bet on it.
Back in the lab the dead abbies are still lying in their cages. Megan starts to not feel so good. She looks down and there is a cut on her leg and she is bleeding profusely. There is a huge pool of blood under her wheelchair. Margaret is behind her with a knife. Megan turns to look at Margaret and says her name and dies. Margaret walks through Megan’s blood and exits the lab. Oh boy. What will happen next?
What did you think of the episode? I thought it was interesting.